Two out of every three Mallorca tourist rental accommodation not correctly registered

Only around 77,000 signed up to to pay fee of more than €300

LAST UPDATED: 30 May, 2017 @ 09:22

TWO thirds of Mallorca’s tourist rental space is not property registered, according to new data.

Only 77,000 of an estimated 201,000 beds up for rent on the island are registered with the local authorities, allowing those offering accommodation to avoid a DRIAT fee of more than €300.

TOURIST TRAP: Rental spaces not registered, reveals tourist ministe
TOURIST TRAP: Rental spaces not registered, reveals tourist minister

Biel Barceló, vice-president of the government and tourist minister, revealed the figure on his Twitter account yesterday.

Airbnb and HomeAway offer 201,843 rental spaces on the island, according to ecologist group Terraferida, although the figures are disputed by rental accommodation body APTUR.

However, the government said there had been an increase in registrations in recent months, with those offering accommodation concerned about fines and inspections.

A tourism law soon to come into force will fine websites that offer illegal tourist accommodation.


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