Women’s group seeks to ban ‘manspreading’ on Spanish public transport

New York has also fought against the practice

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jun, 2017 @ 19:05

manspreadingA GROUP of women are campaigning against ‘manspreading’ in Madrid.

Mujeres en Lucha launched the viral change.org campaign this week in a bid to prevent men on the metro from sitting with their legs spread wide open.

The group, which is calling for the Madrid City Hall to enforce measures to prevent the practice, says that manspreading ‘invades space’ of people who sit next to a person who engages in the act.

It comes after Spanish left-wing party the CUP suggested launching a campaign against it, calling it ‘an exhibition of machismo and a micro-aggression that can make the person suffering it uncomfortable.”

But Spain isn’t the only country to call for measures against ‘manspreading’. New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority released posters in 2014 bearing the slogan ‘Dude, stop the spread please!’.


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  1. these women should do more constructive things like get a job or do some house work….theres lots for these kind of women to do…….stop complaining and be thankful they are allowed on a train

  2. haven’t these TYPE of women got anything better to do…………get jobs or do some house work………there are lots of things to do around the house that will keep these types busy….!!!!