Demand for tourist apartments in Malaga soars by almost 200%

It's the biggest boost of any urban city in the country

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jun, 2017 @ 15:18

DEMAND for tourist apartments in Malaga has gone up by 172%.

Data from the National Institute of Statistics shows from the beginning of the year to April a total of 57,356 tourists rented apartments in the capital.

This represents a rise of 172% compared to 2016, and represents the biggest boost of any urban city in the country.

Of these visitors, 64.9% were foreign.


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  1. As this data comes from a official national statistics source, the increase could be caused by the fact, that by a new decree in Andalucia the rental of private rooms has to be announced to and to be licensed by local authorities. Therefor the increase in numbers may simply reflect the fact, that now more private holiday home landlords are known to the statistics office than in the times before the decree.