Melanie Sykes shows off fabulous figure while on holiday break to Mallorca

Former I'm A Celebrity star is a frequent visitor to Mallorca

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jun, 2017 @ 16:25

MELANIE Sykes has been flaunting her fabulous figure on holiday in Mallorca.

Posing in bikinis for the sensational Instagram snaps during a half-term break to her island villa, the Boddingtons bombshell looked sizzling hot.

BEACH BODY: Melanie Sykes soaks up Mallorca sun

Soaking up the Balearic sun, the Lancashire lass, 46, showed off her toned body and gym-sculpted curves.

Fitness model Melanie posted underneath one of the photos: “Good morning you beauties! Me and Benji catching some early morning rays. It’s another stunner here in Mallorca.”

The former I’m A Celebrity star is a frequent visitor to Mallorca.


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