WAKE UP: Tory heavyweights urge Theresa May to abandon hard Brexit

Philip Hammond is reportedly leading a Cabinet push for May to abandon plans to pull out of the EU's customs union

LAST UPDATED: 14 Jun, 2017 @ 14:35

FORMER UK prime minister David Cameron has urged Theresa May to soften her Brexit approach. 

The Conservative heavyweight has advised May to ‘consult more widely’ with other parties, saying there will be ‘pressure for a softer Brexit.’

Former Conservative chancellor Ken Clarke backed Cameron’s remarks, saying new trade barriers ‘between us and our most important market in the world’ should be avoided at all costs.

It comes as current Chancellor Philip Hammond is reportedly leading a Cabinet push for May to abandon plans to pull out of the EU’s customs union.

Leaving the customs union would impose tariffs on British exporters, plus the huge red tape of filling in forms and putting goods through customs checks.

Former Tory PM John Major said yesterday that May’s stance was ‘unsustainable’.

“A hard Brexit was not endorsed by the electorate,” he said.

Theresa May has to date ignored the calls, forging ahead, at least publicly, with her hard Brexit strategy.

Meanwhile, an announcement on her much-needed pact with the DUP has been delayed yet again following a devastating fire in an apartment block in West London which has left at least six dead.

Speaking in Paris yesterday, alongside French president Emmanuel Macron, she claimed: “The timetable for the Brexit negotiations remains on course and will begin next week.”

Cameron’s remarks came during a conference in Poland, where he warned the dramatic election results have made May’s approach ‘difficult’.



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  1. It’s very simple, a hard Brexit will crash the UK economy meaning no money for public services and God knows how many job losses but the swivel eyed diehards still won’t budge even though they know a hard Brexit is economic suicide.

    Brexit is a weapon of mass destruction for the UK and the only winners will be a tiny minority of financiers in the UK and of course the EU27 who will benefit from the mass business relocations and the associated jobs/tax revenue.

    A wise person changes their mind so time to have a rethink and perhaps another EU referendum now that people actually know what they are up against? You would think so, but the bloody minded May and her ultras (who actually want a ‘no deal’ scenario) are still pressing on regardless driving the country towards the cliff edge.

    • I appreciate that you are a die hard remainer but I would be interested where you are getting your facts from that there will be no public services when the UK leaves. I know as many remainers that wished they had voted leave as leavers that wish they had voted remain so I am not sure why you feel that we need to rethink what we did.
      Have you ever wondered why the EU want to make it so difficult for the UK to leave, could it be that they are scared because of the power of the UK and the massive loss of money from the UK.
      We spend far more money because of the EU than has been touted in the press and the net benefit would be huge. Now what those savings are spent on is anybody’s guess whether it be hospital, roads or other ways that only the government at the time will decide.

    • Jane, hasn’t the whole ‘swivel-eyed loons’ rhetoric got just a little bit tired now? If you insist on banging the EU drum, please think of a new insult. After reading your little rant I have come to the realisation that you must be an accomplished economist, to know exactly what horrors lie in wait for the UK after Brexit.
      For my part, I don’t see the logic of turning our backs on a 168 country, 6.3BN people market in favour of a sclerotic, pre-Islamic EU. I understand you have your life in Spain now, but guess what?! No one in the UK gives a damn about your wishes. You have chosen your own life in Spain and don’t really count anymore..
      Hard Brexit is a comin’. Get used to the idea. Your whining isn’t going to change a thing.

      • Temper, temper, I have obviously rattled your cage but you are right to feel threatened, it’s not looking good for hard Brexit, it seems to have gone decidedly soft of late.

        What is your connection with Spain? If you live in the UK then by your own admission, you should not be commenting on an English language newspaper in Spain and equally if you live in Spain (as you told me I do) then Brexit is none of your business either – it cuts both ways Sunshine.

        Hard Brexit is economically unviable and of course you are fully aware of that, why else would you waste your time responding to my post. More and more business leaders are pushing for a soft Brexit and that is the direction of travel.

        If you voted to Leave the EU then you are responsible for subjecting people to years of uncertainty and you own the current mess. The onus is on you to come up with the goods – good luck with that. I voted to Remain in the EU so I don’t have to prove anything.

        I can’t imagine anyone gives a damn about your views either but it is useful for our friends from other EU member states to read comments from people like you who they find somewhat baffling. You are a great advert for remaining in the EU so thanks for that.

        Might I suggest you stick to a newspaper more in line with your views – judging by your post, I would put you somewhere between the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

        Enjoy Brexitland, I’m sure it will be great fun.