Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior docks in Mallorca to battle plastic pollution

More than a million pieces of plastic per square kilometre in some parts of Mediterranean

LAST UPDATED: 15 Jun, 2017 @ 11:52

GREENPEACE vessel Rainbow Warrior docked in Mallorca with one activist revealing there are 1,455 tonnes of plastic on the Mediterranean’s surface.

The environmentalist group’s flagship dropped anchor in Palma , with its crew giving lessons on battling plastic pollution.

WARRIOR SPIRIT: Environmentalists come to Palma

Campaigner Luis Francisco Ruiz-Orejon, who works at the Centre of Scientific Investigations (CISC) said one discarded plastic bag lasts ‘between 100 and 500 years’.

“[The 1,455 tonnes of plastic] is only the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

The eco-warriors campaign to clean up the seas is called Less Plastic, More Mediterranean .

Elvira Jimenez, head of Greenpeace’s campaign to clean up the sea, revealed that north of Mallorca and Eivissa there were areas with more than a million pieces of plastic per square kilometre.

“In only a few decades, plastics have had a huge impact on the environment,” said Jimenez.

“Marine fauna is being suffocated with these plastics. They even ingest them.”

The Rainbow Warrior 30-strong crew headed to Valencia after their Palma stop.


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