EXCLUSIVE: Third Brit arrested in Lisa Brown case flees to Portugal and pleads to have passport back from Spanish cops

LAST UPDATED: 1 Jul, 2017 @ 14:13

LEFT TO RIGHT: Stephen Jackson, Ron Beasley and Simon Corner

A THIRD British man arrested over missing expat Lisa Brown has fled to Portugal on his grandson’s boat, it can be revealed.


The Olive Press has spoken to the Welsh pensioner, who confirmed that he was currently ‘living in a Portuguese port’, but refused to give further details.


Ron Beasley, 71, confirmed he had broken his bail conditions, which required him to report to San Roque police every day, but had been forced to leave Spain to escape the clutches of the local criminal gangs.


However, he insisted he is entirely innocent and was wrongly dragged into the investigation over missing Brown, who mysteriously vanished November 4, 2015.



STILL MISSING: Lisa Brown was due to start a new job in Gibraltar when she disappeared

Beasley was pals with Lisa’s boyfriend at the time, Simon Corner, who he sold a boat engine to.


He was pulled in for ‘withholding information’, alongside Stephen Jackson and Corner, both of whom are still under investigation.


“I was held for three days and grilled constantly,” he told the Olive Press. “If they had anything they would have charged me by now, it’s ridiculous, I told them everything I know,”


Speaking on a mobile from his boat in Portugal, he added: “The last time I saw Lisa was on November 1, (three days before she vanished), when I asked her if she had got some antiques I had delivered to her home, and that’s all I know.


“If I knew where Lisa was, I would have told the police.”


He is now involved in a legal tussle with Spanish police to have his passport returned.



RELEASED: Corner made bail after paying €10,000

The Swansea-born expat, who has a wooden leg and needs heart medication, claims he was forced to leave La Linea by local criminal groups.


He says they believe he could be a police informant after being docked close to people who work in the drugs trade and illegal dealings in Alcaidesa port.


“I’m just a guy on a boat trying to enjoy the easy life, I mind my own business.


“But they came to me and gave me 24 hours to leave or they said they would slit my throat.


“They think I’m a grass, if I go back to Spain I’m a dead man.”

He claims he has been pleading with the British Embassy for help, but that they had not returned Beasley’s calls at time of press.


Lisa’s sister claimed she could not comment directly about his involvement.
Helen Jordan, 50, said: “We just want him to tell the truth and maybe the authorities will then help him.”


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  1. Regarded the article you wrote regarding mr beasley fleeing to Portugal stating that the people he was in fear of his safety,was not the costa del sol drug mafia he actually said it’s the gang that Stephen Jackson works for. if you can correct it and apologise to the Spanish people it would be appreciated. Regards Susan webber on behalf of mr ronald beasley