Fourth migrant boat lands in Mallorca this week as 14 arrested

It brings to 12 the number of boats that have landed on the island in 2017

LAST UPDATED: 12 Jul, 2017 @ 09:11

ANOTHER boat carrying 14 migrants has arrived in Mallorca.

The vessel landed in the south-east corner of the island near Sant Jordi.

MIGRANT BOAT: Fourth vessel lands in Mallorca this week

The undocumented travellers were given medical attention, as some were suffering from hypothermia and a medical evaluation ruled out any diseases they might be carrying.

The 14 have been taken into custody and transferred to Palma to await procedures.

This comes just 12 hours after a boat was discovered in the north-east of Cabrera with 13 immigrants illegally entering the country.

Last Friday, 28 others were found between two boats in the south of Mallorca, most of whom will be transferred to Barcelona.

The four immigrant boats that arrived this week takes 2017’s total to 12, more than the combined total for the three previous years.


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