Convicted fraudster and ex-Caja Madrid Bank chief Miguel Blesa ‘shoots himself’

Ex-banker found dead in Cordoba finca was one of 63 sentenced in tarjeta negra scandal

LAST UPDATED: 19 Jul, 2017 @ 15:38

THE disgraced former head of Spain’s Caja Madrid savings bank has been found dead.

FRAUDSTER: Former bank chief used credit card for safari trips

It is believed Miguel Blesa, 69, committed suicide after he received a six-year sentence in March for defrauding €436,688 from bank credit cards.

According to reports in Spanish papers, Blesa was found in a finca hotel room in Cordoba with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Altogether, 63 public figures, including politicians from the PP, PSOE, IU, CC, OO and UGT and trade  union leaders, were convicted in the tarjeta negra scandal.

Some €15.2 million was swindled from the bank with no tax paid to Spain’s hacienda authorities during Spain’s savage economic crisis.

Among the luxuries Blesa lavished on himself were €20,000-per-head safari trips, a €4,250 spree in a Louis Vuitton store and €82,000 in cash taken from bank machines.


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