Balearic Islands third most expensive part of Spain to go for a beer

Average price of a cana beer is €2.25 in Palma de Mallorca

LAST UPDATED: 20 Jul, 2017 @ 15:43

THE BALEARIC Islands are the third most expensive place in Spain to go out for a beer.

Palma de Mallorca ranks behind only Madrid and the Basque Country for the price of a cana, according to a study by Cuponation.

BOTOMS UP: Mallorca third priciest Spanish region for a beer

A cheeky half in the Mallorca capital will set you back on average €2.25, compared to €2.93 in Madrid and €2.29 in the bars of San Sebastian or Bilbao.

Cadiz is the cheapest city in Spain to nip out for a livener, with a small beer there costing on average just €1.25.

Other regions that are easy on the drinkers’ wallet included Aragon (€1.59), Murcia (€1.60) and Castilla La Mancha (€1.75).

The average price for a beer nationwide is 1.87, according to the Cuponation survey.

According to statistics provided by the Federacion Espanola de Hosteleria y Restauracion (FEHR) Spain has 101,397 bars, one for every 458 inhabitants.



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