TOLO Cursach has denied allegations against him during a video-link up from prison.

Talking from an Alicante jail on Friday morning, the nightclub owner claimed he had not threatened a former employee or tried to bribe her to change her testimony.

PRISON CALL: Cursach denies threats during video link-up

Cursach had previously his lawyers had advised him not to answer any other questions during the call.

A magistrate had warned Cursach that failing to talk could mean he was committing a crime.

“I feel bad and uneducated, but I’m not going to answer any questions,” he said during Friday morning’s call.

Cursach faces a string of allegations, including homicide, money-laundering, corruption and making threats.

It comes a day after the former director of Tito’s nightclub tried to discredit a witness who claimed drugs were sold and prostitutes arranged for police officers at the Palma nightclub owned by Cursach.

Jaime Lado told the protected witness, a former worker at Tito’s, ‘I don’t know what drives you to say all this. I don’t know what we have done to you. I don’t know you at all.’

The witness said the drugs supplied by the club had ‘destroyed the lives of 16-year-old girls’.

Llado denied knowing the witness, although it was pointed out to him she had worked for five years at Tito’s.