A YOUNG British dad fighting for his life in a Mallorca hospital may have fallen from a Magaluf hotel building site.

Firefighter Alex Green, 26, was found with extensive head injuries, including blood on the brain, and remains in intensive care.

FALL: Police investigating if Alex Green plummeted from hotel building site

Investigating police officers now believe Alex, who has a young son, could have tumbled from a first-floor construction site on Calle Blanc.

Alex, from Rochdale, was on his stag do when he sustained injuries compatible with the impact from such a fall, police sources have told Diario de Mallorca.

So far, no witnesses have come forward with close friend Scott Cash saying ‘No-one has got a clue what happened to him’.

Scott says he received a call from an anonymous person using Alex’s phone informing him his friend had been found unconscious.

Alex’s fiancée has flown out to be at his bedside in Son Espases hospital.