London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for second EU referendum, destroys Corbyn’s attempt at Labour party unity on Brexit

LAST UPDATED: 26 Sep, 2017 @ 14:02

MAYOR: Sadiq Khan

SADIQ Khan has called for a second referendum on the UK’s membership to the European Union.

The London mayor has unravelled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for party unity on Brexit after revealing he will press for commitment to another national vote.

Khan wants the British public to vote on any final Brexit deal, and wants a referendum included in the Labour party’s next election manifesto.


The vow came as Kezia Dugdale, Labour’s former leader in Scotland, said the public had the right to have its say in a second referendum.

Meanwhile, Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s election chief, and a Corbyn ally, refused to rule out a further vote, saying: “Who knows where we will be at the end of this process?”

There were also claims at recent Labour conference that John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, had left open the prospect of a further referendum during a private meeting with business leaders.

Corbyn has tried to keep a lid on Labour’s Brexit divisions, sparking fury when Labour MPs were denied a vote on permanent membership of the single market.

“I so far have not been persuaded how this Government has a plan that works for our country,” Khan told the Evening Standard.




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  1. Sadiq Khan, a Blairite dinosaur who can safely be ignored. He may be the Mayor of London but, like his predecessor Boris Johnson, he is rapidly becoming yesterday’s man. His was the only miserable face at Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Congress today. (Although he gave some grudging applause to fit in)