Thousands more Brits flown home from Spain as Monarch mission continues

Almost 7,000 Brits fly back today in UK's biggest peacetime repatriation

LAST UPDATED: 5 Oct, 2017 @ 13:57

ALMOST 7,000 holidaymakers are being flown home from Spain today as the Monarch Airlines repatriation mission continues.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) plans to fly 6,885 passengers on Thursday from Spain alone, including many from the Balearics.

HOMEWARD BOUND: Thousands more Brits to be repatriated today (PHOTO: British Consulate in Spain)

Altogether, 10,793 travellers are due to jet back from all destinations on 58 flights today.

Since Monday, 34,608 Monarch travellers have been jetted to their destination on more than 173 flights.

“The CAA is working around the clock, in conjunction with the Government, to deliver the replacement flying programme following the administration of Monarch Airlines,” a Foreign Office spokesperson said.

Yesterday, 54 flights brought 11,287 holidaymakers home as Britain’s largest peacetime repatriation continues.

Some 110,000 Brits were left stranded after Monarch’s collapse, with 75,392 currently still abroad.

The CAA’s flying programme will continue until Sunday, October 15.




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