Tony Blair could be in line for mediator role in Catalan indpendence crisis

EU and Spanish officials pick former prime minister as possible mediator

LAST UPDATED: 6 Oct, 2017 @ 17:07

TONY Blair is being tipped as a possible mediator in the Catalan independence crisis.

The former prime minister, who was previously a Middle East peace envoy, is reported to be in line for a role mediating between Madrid and Catalan separatists.

CATALUNYA: Blair for mediating role?

According to the Daily Express, Blair could put his negotiating skills to use with Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont looking to break away from Spain.

The idea of a third-party mediator in the Catalan crisis has been backed by Blair’s ex-Chief of Staff, Jonathan Powell.

A recent panel of EU and Spanish officials, including Spanish European Affairs Minister Jorge Toledo, were asked for possible candidates, with Blair’s name prominent.

But one UKIP senior member slammed the idea, claiming Blair would side with the Madrid government.

“Tony Blair is an EU fanatic who will do whatever Brussels wants – which in this case is to ignore the wishes of the people of Catalunya,” said Ben Walker.

“He will take the side of the Spanish government and conveniently ignore the fact the Spanish Constitutional Court is not neutral and does the bidding of the government.”

This week the court blocked Catalunya’s parliament from meeting on Monday when Puigdemont was expected to announce Catalunya’s intention to ceded from Spain.



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