Mallorca pro-Catalan-independence group slams Spanish-union mob that tore down stall

Woman cut in the face by a stone as nationalist demo turns ugly

LAST UPDATED: 9 Oct, 2017 @ 12:46

A MALLORCA separatist has roared his defiance after a pro-Spanish-union mob demolished his group’s stand.

Tofol Soler’s Assemblea Sobiranista de Mallorca (ASM) reported Saturday’s incident to the police after radicals attacked ASM’s tent at an anti-Catalan independence demo in Palma.

STAND-OFF: Mob confronts Mallorca separatists

But Soler, whose organisation backs Catalan independence, vowed to return to the usual city-centre spot on Sant Miguel street next Saturday.

“We will be there like every weekend,” he said.

“Without the canopy, because they destroyed it, but it’s enough with the table. We have a permit for every Saturday.

“We decided to go out on the street to look for people, not wait with our arms crossed.”

One woman was injured in the face by a stone when Saturday’s march turned ugly.

ASM believe Saturday’s attack on their stall could constitute a hate crime.

One of the alleged attackers is believed to be former PP MP Joan Font Rossello, a spokesperson for the Jaume III Foundation.

Following Saturday’s incident, Rossello claimed he was ‘defending the constitutional order…to save the unity of Spain’.


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