OVER 100,000 passengers have been left stranded after a French air-traffic-control strike. 

Ryanair cancelled 222 flights, half to Spain, including 24 to Alicante and 16 to both Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona.

FLIGHT-MARE: Ryanair holidaymakers left stranded by French strike

Pressure group Airlines For Europe (A4E) estimates seven out of 10 air-traffic control strikes since 2005 have been by French staff.

Thomas Reynaert, managing director of A4E, said: “The impact of the seventh strike day in France this year will be quite significant: airlines have been forced to reduce their flight programme by a third.”

Strikers are protesting against President Macron’s labour reforms.

Around 40,000 of passengers affected had been due to fly with Ryanair.