Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)

Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)
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Guardia Civil recover 36 Egyptian artefacts valued at €300,000

Zara billionaire boosts increasingly-enviable property portfolio

The sports centre known as Ciudad Deportiva (Sport City) will finally open its doors this March

Six-year-old European pond turtle, Trevor, has reached sexual maturity and keeps staging ‘flight attempts’ from his giant fish tank in Sabinillas

Fantasy and reality are about to collide in a theme park that will entice Tolkien fans who are not prepared to travel all the way to New Zealand for a magical setting

Spain is set to have its economy expand by 2% and is officially believed to have emerged out of the economic crisis

Company Organic with Love's ethos is growing ever more popular in Marbella

The ECB will purchase around €100 billion of Spain's one trillion public debt

WikiLeaks are taking a stand against the US and Google after the latter revealed email information of three journalists following a FBI warrant

Students from Swans put on an impressive performance during their talent show at the Little Swans Theatre

A multilingual education is the ticket to business success, writes Chris French, Head of Business and Economics at Swans International School

The commanding officer was three times over the limit and travelling against traffic

Swans put in a lot of work to highlight and fight against school bullying in 2014 and looks to continue doing so in 2015

Ivan Alvarez Santamaria honned his skillz in iconic restaurants and is sure to impress with his cuisine

A new scheme by Valencia Town Hall has made dog owners think twice about not scooping up their dog's feces

The plans involve creating new quarries and the reopening of quarry sites previously closed by Andalucia’s High Court.

The big supermarket chain aims to help combat youth unemployment

Ana Botin issued the gigantic cash-call to strengthen the bank with fundraising

Terry Gilliam's 15 year struggle to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote looks set to rumble on

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote was meant to start being filmed this month

Baill has been set for the PP's ex-treasurer despite him being arrested for being a flight risk

The 12th century manuscript was found in the electrician's garage along with mounds of cash

The president of the Junta de Andalucia announced her pregnancy today and is expecting to give birth in the summer

Anti-corruption prosecuters intend to show no mercy to those who have been lining their pockets

Animal rights are too often forgotten in the name of 'entertainment'




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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