Thursday, 23 November, 2017

Tancrede de Pola (OP Columnist)

Tancrede de Pola (OP Columnist)
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THE Finance Bureau in Marbella has helped thousands of prospective expats and locals find the mortgage that’s right for them. In his decades of experience, director Tancrede de Pola has been asked everything and anything...

AS Brits return home after a summer break on the Costa del Sol, the grey skies and memories of G&Ts on the beach make buying a property in Spain ever more tempting. In fact in...

BUYING a property in Spain for non-residents can be difficult, but not impossible. Some Spanish banks may not lend money to people living abroad, whether they be Spaniards or Brits, but many others will. It is...

All mortgages come with extra costs, but they can vary from country to country

WHILE last June’s referendum result was not the one many of us were expecting, the property market in Spain has steered clear of doom and gloom. Some Brits may have become hesitant in the immediate...

The advantages are several in that you can design completely to your own spec., incorporating all of those features you always dreamed of.

Before you get started, read Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola’s top ten must-do’s

It can be a scary prospect but help is at hand

Olive Press columnist Tancrede de Pola at The Finance Bureau offers his top tips

It is essential not to make the wrong decision

Mortgage foreclosures are down 30% compared to last year

The amount of British buyers at the Place in the Sun’s property show was encouraging

Five things to consider before moving to Spain

A Brexit could lead to problems with mortgage rates, insurance brackets and currency conversions. Better to stick with the devil you know, writes property expert Tancrede de Pola

Moving to a foreign land can seem a far-fetched dream. Tancrede de Pola explains how a broker can make that dream come true

On the slide for eight years, a record-low Euribor rate has borrowers overjoyed

2015 will be remembered as the year that Spain’s property market awoke from a seven year slumber. And next year promises much the same, writes mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola

The end of hidden minimum interest fees gives thousands of Spanish mortgage holders cause to applause

Buyers are flocking to our shores as the property market is in full swing, Mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola offers a word of warning for prospective borrowers

Borrowing can be a daunting prospect, however healthy your bank balance is. Mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola reveals his top tips for dazzling the banks

The pathway to finding the mortgage for you can be littered with nasty surprises. Mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola reveals all to put the client in the know

Getting to grips with the different types of mortgage can be imperative to finding the right product for you, writes the finance bureau’s mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola

The Finance Bureau’s mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola explains how multi-property mortgage loans are beginning to take off

Word of the Costa del Sol’s property revival has spread, as mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola discovered on a trip to Dubai




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