Tuesday, 12 December, 2017


EXCLUSIVE: The Irish expat crime syndicate, based in Estepona, is ‘working out an exit strategy from Spain’

With the polls neck-and-neck, Marbella lawyer Alex Radford takes a look at what a Brexit will mean in the days, months and years following an out vote:

EXCLUSIVE: Google 'closes' Costa del Sol car rental firm

The haul is said to have arrived from South America

Notorious Brit Westley Capper supped beers and chatted with pal Craig Porter just 30 minutes after knocking over the Bolivian mother of a two-year-old in San Pedro

Four in ten Britons are in favour of a two-drink limit for aeroplane passengers

Deputy mayor accused of claiming three salaries in bitter political feud

The accolade follows a poll of tens of thousands of expats from more than 90 different countries

His septum had became loose and a hole appeared on the outside of his right nostril.

EXCLUSIVE: Travel nightmare as pet owners ordered to renew passports as they board ferry home

Animal rights group says millions are spent by the Andalucian government to subsidise bullfighting

When two of the women were arrested, one had a hand-held card reader in her bag

Dragged out of the pool by a receptionist the man was pronounced dead at the scene after paramedics attempted CPR

Playing for Alhaurin de la Torre's B team, Samuel was rushed to hospital after he was stabbed in the chest by fans from El Palo's B team

Her pets were left at the mercy of police kennels and a rescue centre

EXCLUSIVE: Donkey sanctuary rescues record 100 animals in largest ever operation

EXCLUSIVE: Expat faces eviction after being ordered to pay thousands owed in Landsbanki property scheme

Caring canine takes well-earned Andalucian break

Juan Martin Seron (right) finally accepted his days were numbered after a vote of no-confidence was tabled for this week by all rival parties

In July last year, convicted UK killer Mark Dixie confessed to one of the rapes

“The last thing I wanted was my three-year-old coming out with someone’s pubic hair on her skirt”

Heart attack kills heist mastermind who won notoriety after 1963 train robbery

Reuben Coe has seen his handwriting used as the font for Norwich’s historic cathedral

The trio are hailed as key travel destinations for the year ahead




PALMA street artists and performers will soon need a license to work in the capitol. Those who wish to to perform music or magic, or...
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