Monday, 22 January, 2018


Hotel Vera Playa Club has been named as the sixth best nudist hotel in the world

Ecologists and locals unite against government failure to remove highly radioactive matter from Almeria

Casa Puga will be forced to shut in March due to a change in rental laws

The Priors have lived in the garage ever since their home was bulldozed over 'planning irregularities'

With music, live cookery shows and tomatoes galore, Almeria's tomato festival reminded participants just how vital the crop is to Andalucia

Mobile home owners call in police over plans to force them to move

The Junta has ordered the demolition of two more British-owned homes in Cantoria

Junta to legalize 25,000 irregular homes, just in time for the elections

The countdown clock chimes were interrupted by commercial adverts. Watch the video here

While the cheapest place to fill up on the Costa del Sol is in Estepona...

Green groups shocked as Algarrobico hotel is deemed legal while expats, such as the Priors, see their disputed homes bulldozed

His forthcoming biblical epic features Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver

EXCLUSIVE: Mercadona's own brand Compy has been withdrawn from the shelves around Almeria, after expats complaints. BY WENDY WILLIAMS

The 'insider' behind Great Train Robbery has been identified by criminal mastermind Gordon Goody at his house in Almeria

Spectrum FM and Smooth FM's battle over a radio frequency disrupted an official Moroccan national station

An order to demolish the home of an English couple in Spain last year has been overruled as illegal

While Clavius directors admit Almeria was chosen mainly for tax purposes

The 'hotel ilegal' saga has taken another twist

A mum of three became gravely ill after being bitten by a spider while sunbathing

Long-time resident Lenox Napier recalls the good old days of Mojacar when his dad played checkers with Orson Welles and kicked a young Dennis Hopper up the backside

Four British couples have been awarded almost €150,000 in compensation between them

Blogger convicted in Almeria court after posting a series of online articles

The dog had belonged to the elderly woman's deceased grand-daughter

As debate rages about the exhumation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s body will the chapel that inspired his most famous work be allowed to sink into the ground?

A 13ft monster washed up on a beach this week, and experts have discovered its true identity

Estimated 12,000 victims worldwide




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