Sunday, 22 January, 2017



British tourists reported ‘noise like thunder’

The traffic arm of the Guardia Civil have intensified controls

The sixth annual celebration is taking place all over Andalucia to celebrate the passionate dance, music and singing form that has its roots in the region

Mainstream guides have struggled to keep up

Police are now investigating whether the dog’s owner had the necessary documentation

Five Andalucia town halls have seen their debt rise by more than €1.5 billion since 2011, new figures show

Several explosives, weapons and a homemade grenade were also seized during a raid at his Jaen apartment

The olive-tree plantation contains a staggering 64 million trees spread over half a million hectares

Last March reduced speed limits were introduced in areas where high death rates have been recorded for the world’s most endangered feline

The irony is clearly lost on the expat

La Carolina Town Hall, in Jaen is to make Ana Lopez Gallego an honorary mayor

Porcuna, the home to the remains of the Roman city Obulco, is in a protected cultural zone

The Junta is taking measures to limit the outbreak and protect other animal species

Moroccan youth drowns in local pool at La Salobreja in Jaen

All 318 people living in Torrequebradilla were given a mini-me the same day

Both women are believed to be part of the Mallarines gang

It is returning for its second edition with a range of top artists following the success of 2014’s inaugural festival

At the end of 2014 a total of 16,201 new properties remained unsold in the province

Spanish Meteorological Office, AEMET, has issued yellow and orange weather alerts across much of Andalucia from midnight Friday, 30 January through most of Saturday

Over 2,1 millioon bottles have been dispatched to drinking holes throughout Andalucia

One of the earliest depictions of Jesus has been unearthed in Jaen, and he doesn't have a beard

Dario Barrio - the Jamie Oliver of Spain - fell to his death in Jaen after his parachute failed to open

Crops in the south and east of the country are ruined

The largest lottery in history has been won in part by groups of friends and families in Jaen, in southern Spain


Iberostar has invested ‘several million euros’ in its Malaga Playa resort in Torrox Costa, the largest complex between Malaga and Motril


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