Saturday, 21 October, 2017


Letter to former lover claims the murderer “has to pay Graham for what he has done to the Motril girl”

Water infrastructure “insufficient” for Almuñécar expansion plans

Public prosecutor warns Otura council and developers could face criminal charges

Belgian man suspected of rape in his country arrested in Órgiva

A FAT-CAT boss who sacked his staff by text message when his compensation firm went bust has been tracked down to Marbella. Inland Revenue investigators...

In the narrow lanes of Granada’s Arab quarter, perfumed secrets wait to be revealed.

World heritage group UNESCO has condemned regional government plans to build a second reservoir on the Contraviesa mountain range in La Alpujarra

Socialist mayor vows revenge on “Taleban” Partido Popular

Police investigating an alleged case of urban corruption in Alhaurin el Grande have found 60,000 euros in cash during a raid on a house belonging to the town’s mayor

A colony of chameleons is threatening the development of a huge shopping centre and hotel complex on the Costa del Sol

Granada: home to the Alhambra palace, the Albaicín and thousands of tapas bars. In the name of research, Mark Roulston visits just a few...

WHEN the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, Gerald Brenan was living with his wife Gamel Woolsey in Churriana, a village west of...

Guardia Civil accused of bias after fining 40 protesters – some of whom did not attend last year’s demo against the closure of the international GR-7 Spain to Greece footpath

Reservoir will destroy local agriculture, farmers claim

A VICIOUS three-year-dispute over faulty jewellery ended in tragedy after a man was killed in front of his wife and one-year-old son. Angel Luis...

“Hidden interests” lie behind the planned second reservoir on the Contraviesa mountain range, one regional political party claims.

Regional government officials have announced a deer cull that will lead to the animals’ extinction in the Sierra de Baza.

PLANS to build 170 houses and a hotel close to the ruins of a second century Roman settlement have been slammed by environmental groups.

SOMETIMES dining out can be all about timing. Choose a restaurant where the regular chef has just quit - and they are placing ads...

Bob Maddox asks if the environmental cost of producing cheap, year round vegetables for the northern European market is really worth it.

We need omega-3 oils for our brains to function properly. But where will they come from?

Third arrest this year for del Pozo as Mercedes car raises suspicion

Commission group owns development land, IU claims

Buyers discover sawn off shotgun and two pistols in garage

Mayor made “2,000 per cent profit” after land sale

Briton committed murder but what about Dolores Vazquez? And where is Robert Graham?




CAR hire firms in the Costa del Sol are being forced to reduce their fleets as banks are not offering sufficient credit. A fleet of...
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