Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Aliens and expats in Alexei’s latest book

Comedian Alexei Sayle has based his new book on British expatriates living in southern Spain

Madoff to Gibraltar

Disgraced broker Bernard Madoff transferred 150 million dollars to Gibraltar a month before his arrest last year

Death threats over pet dog

English businessman claims to have been threatened by his ex-partner over the ownership of a pedigree Shih-tzu called Chico

Recognise these trousers?

Police are appealing for anybody who might recognise a pair of trousers after they were found on the body of a man who has been missing for eight years.

Edgar Allan Poe Street

Jerez is to name a street after cult US novelist Edgar Allan Poe. This year is the 200th anniversary of his birth

Bounder returns

James Hewitt is set to open a top class restaurant and club in Marbella, catering for an international crowd

HELP! Lennon statue defaced

Monument moved after glasses ripped off and Spanish colours daubed on Beatle idol

Lawyers in the Dock

Olive Press turns the spotlight on the legal system as thousands are fined after paying for what they believed were legal houses

Robin on the menu

Britain's favourite bird, the robin, is still on the menu in some restaurants in Cadiz.

The lights went out

Andalucia's leading monuments have ‘switched off’ for an hour in solidarity with the world for Earth Hour

The costas he was not

At a memorial service to his life, dozens of environmentalists paid tribute – and even donated a poem to the man known as ‘Mister Boyd’

Police are helpless as mentally ill girl robs homes

Homeowners in the Guadalhorce valley are being terrorised by a mentally ill girl breaking into their properties

Black out around Andalucia

Don't forget to join the millions of people around Spain for Earth Hour on March 28 to send a message over Climate Change.

Job Done

Footpath reopened after fight from plucky pensioner and an Olive Press campaign

Mayor sued for protecting his town’s water supply from golf developers

Coin mayor Gabriel Clavijo is being taken to court for canceling a huge golf macroproject that could have damaged his town’s main aquifer.

Matador Row

A row has broken out after Spain's most popular bullfighter won an award from the Culture Ministry.

Let there be dark

Junta puts finishing touches to new light pollution law. Town halls will be fined up to 60,000 euros if they light up the wrong beach.

Dolores Vázquez in the clear

A woman sent to prison for the murder of a teenager has been completely absolved of the crime.

Massacre remembered

During the early days of the Spanish Civil War, a large group of women and children were rounded up and shot in a chapel near Jimena de la Frontera.

An ill wind

Residents slam secretive campaign that will see 75 ‘ineffective’ wind turbines destroy tourist industry and endanger rare birds around Antequera.

Grand Cru Andaluz

Wine extravaganza will be an assault on the taste buds (as well as the wallet)

Romantic writer dies after stressful battle with developers

'Gentleman scholar' Alastair Boyd became the victim of a "mafia-style" campaign by golf developers after opposing the controversial Los Merinos scheme

Spain nets huge fine for illegal fishing

Andalucia must must pay 100 million euros for failing to prevent the capture of rare fish

Wrecking ball hits Marbella

The first of a number of scheduled demolitions has begun with the knocking down of two illegal buildings in the town.

Andalucia tops organic league

But while it has helped Spain to overtake Italy as Europe’s leading producer, at just six euros a head, region is one of the smallest organic consumers

Cash is King (size)

160,000 euros found under bed of mayor arrested for thousands of illegal licences


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