Monday, December 17, 2018

Lorca’s Family Overuled

The wishes of the family of Andalucia's most famous writer have been ignored

Swashbuckling finally finishes?

Banderas' fight to legalise garden dealt serious blow

IVF for man formerly pregnant with twins

After a miscarriage saw him lose his twins in May, Ruben Coronado is trying again

I have a dream

Village has started workshops to teach locals how to orate like Martin Luther King

Dead healthy!

Doctor ordered to a morgue to check whether relative had come back to life

‘Club Med’ blocks Tuna ban

SPAIN has refused to back plans to introduce a worldwide ban on bluefin tuna fishing.

Battle Over Blood Wedding

As debate rages about the exhumation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s body will the chapel that inspired his most famous work be allowed to sink into the ground?

Gaucin goes bust

Town hall reportedly on the brink of closure

Gazza’s one day Costa break

Former footballer star shows his sensitive side by cutting short Marbella holiday

Cut Off From The World

EXCLUSIVE: Expats without electricity and reduced to drinking from a cattle trough are fighting back

Gypsy boss shot dead in Ronda

Gypsy slaying shocks Ronda

More blues for flamenco mayor

Singing Jose Manuel now charged with creaming off 200,000 euros in new planning scandal

Scythed by a kite surfer

AN unsuspecting pensioner diced with death after tangling with a reckless kitesurfer

Marbella’s secret past

Archaeologists discover that there's more to Marbella than meets the eye...

Fergie escapes with the ex

Following her TV-battering, Fergie escapes to Spain with a very familiar friend...

Britons return to Malaga

Green shoots for Costa del Sol tourism

Swine flu kills three

Swine flu claims its first victims in Andalucia

You’re taking the p***

Ryanair passengers faced with the number one ultimatum

Exposed: Dodgy dentist

A glass of wine sir? Then a botched job by ‘the butcher’ that left a patient with a disfigured face and thousands out of pocket

Immigrant dies on floating tyre

Extreme measures taken to reach Europe are highlighted once more

Fight over Algarrobico goes on

The long-running saga continues

Axarquia pressure group is in need of support

Pressure group requires urgent backing

Nerja sleeping gas robbery

Couple get more than just 40 winks

Greenpeace fears over Mijas coast

Mijas Coast under Greenpeace spotlight


The youth crime wave which saw two underage girls gang raped last month has led to urgent calls for juvenile law changes

Football president sacked over child porn charges

Child porn scandal for football president


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