Wednesday, 18 October, 2017


He died off Zahara de los Atunes as he tried to save the six-year-old being swept out to sea

Aeroplane’s engine was hit by bird

Today half of the country will be tuned into the television and radio to hear the results of the national Christmas lottery

Gibraltar’s army base has been targeted by anti-military campaigners

Patrick Curry takes a look at Andalucia’s biggest fair, Sevilla’s Feria de Abril

Judge slams claims leaders were unaware of what was going on

Take a unique new journey across Spain to South America from above and below the clouds

The Pelli Tower does not threaten the city's World Heritage status, apparently

A prehistoric burial site, dubbed the Stonehenge of Sevilla, is to be saved from becoming a supermarket.

Real-life protest against constitutional change comes face to face with fictitious demo from Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film

Trade union leader bailed out by family

Two exciting new exhibitions are showing off the glorious history of the region, Moorish porcelain in Cordoba and the priceless Phoenician Treasure of Carambolo in Sevilla

The number of technology companies in Spain is up 150%

Three Iberian lynxes were found maimed and riddled with bullets

With stores already in Sevilla, Marbella and Fuengirola, Holland & Barrett has now launched in Granada

Officer forced into a ‘heathen’s grave’ finally gets fitting €10,000 monument

Police swoop on helicopter thieves in Sevilla

Estepa restaurant also serves up other meats including ostrich and buffalo

Researchers believe life could exist on Mars under similar circumstances

A SEVILLA woman has been living a 'nightmare' after her town listed her as being dead SEVEN years ago. The confusion resulted from authorities mixing...

Sevilla and Granada, two of the most popular tourist destinations, are among those who must demonstrate their commitment to cutting levels in the short term

Sevilla to host international counter-terrorism meeting on Wednesday

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive

UN votes to make Spain’s most important reserve three times larger as sewage battle hots up

This annual festival celebrates Andalucia's status as an autonomous community

Wine expert Jose Olmedo has taken it upon himself to warn consumers off bottles that really are ‘scraping the barrel’




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