Thursday, 24 August, 2017


WHEN you build a house from scratch that's based on your own ideas, you end up with what I suppose you might call your...

I really, really hope my neighbours never read this or hear about it, although I don't suppose they will. They speak less English than I speak Spanish

Our OP blogger on his search for an architect in Jerez

No skeletons in the cupboard for our new OP blogger - just under his house!

OP blogger Malcolm Dick puts the kettle on

Our new OP blogger was fascinated to read about the Spanish backlash to Jamie Oliver's take on paella and compares it to Brexit

Expatriate is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘A person who lives outside their native country.’ This definition is pretty much the same as immigrant and it is difficult to understand any logical demarcation between the two words

OP blogger Marianne Hill takes a trip to Orellana de la Sierra, a small town in Extremadura, with her family

There are over half a million UK state pensioners living overseas who do not receive an annual increase to their UK state pension

BEFORE we embarked on our vintage voyage I needed one essential item for the walk, a hat. Take note… survival kit for summer in...

I officially attended my first ‘meet up’ this Saturday past. After broadcasting my need for companionship across various social media groups, I received a number of responses.

Having moved to Spain some two months ago, new Olive Press blogger Lily McNally narrates her expat experience so far

OP blogger Marianne Hill on the death of bullfighter Victor Barrio yesterday

It's the summer holidays! I am a teacher so that might be more exciting for me than it is for you because for me it means two months off of school.

OP blogger Luke Andrews gives his own personal view following the UK's Brexit vote

On 23 June you and I, your European friend, will decide our future, and we can either carry on complaining and distrusting, or we can hold onto this Union and carry on furthering prosperity

OP blogger Luke Andrews (in Spain) on long distance relationships

OP blogger Claire Thomas gives her personal opinion on the Europe: In or Out vote

OP blogger Morris Bishop reviews a concert by Collegium Musicum at Iglesia de la Encarnacion in Marbella

OP blogger Luke Andrews independently organised his own Year Abroad via the British Council and received absolutely no help from the EU

Jo Chipchase examines the latest state of play…

Morris Bishop reviews the concert in Marbella

THREE charity concerts will be performed by the renowned choir and orchestra of the Collegium Musicum, who will be joined by the Camerata Singers...

The use of a cheat note is quite common in Spain and also has its own word, “chuleta”

OP blogger Luke Andrews talks to one of Jerez de la Frontera's largest brotherhoods

OP blogger Luke Andrews watches the preparations for the feria in Jerez


MARBELLA will boast Spain's first 'flying police unit' from next month.  It comes after the AENA, the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA) and the...


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