Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rio Carnival? It came close…

Six brawny men (three dressed as women and one in a chicken suit) won the jug-throwing contest - this was Carnaval day in Montejaque

A New Wife in the Sun: The Darling Buds of Prey (Ep 4)

My husband, coated in mud is standing on my doorstep which is actually physically impossible unless he is the latest companion of Tom Baker....

Festival Tres Sesenta invades

This carefully thought-out and intelligently executed festival marked a big moment for the music scene in the unassuming city of Pamplona

Olive Press financial advisor Sandy Paterson on the seven principles of investing

Blacktower Financial Management expert gives the lowdown on sound investment

The March of Progress?

Living in a Spanish village I enjoy witnessing the inhabitants’ way of life. The locals I talk to (my Spanish is improving all the...

Santa versus the Three Kings

No presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Spanish children are gifted with small presents from the Three Wise Men who visited the Christ child more than a week after his birth

Blessings for Man’s Best Friend

Join the celebration of the Fiesta of San Antón, the Patron Saint of Domestic Animals, by taking part in ADANA annual Día de las Mascotas (Pet’s Day) in Estepona on January 15

Technology woes?

John Woodhead ponders how much he relies on technology

US truckers earn more than those in Europe – but at what cost?

Joking about which side of the road people drive on around the world aside, it turns out that driving on European roads is safer...

Spacious three-bedroom holiday home for rent… ideal for couples?

We, along with most of our foreign friends in our Spanish mountain village, are owners of holiday homes that we rent out to walkers, bird-watchers, and sun-worshippers. And we enjoy comparing notes on the habits of our renters...

Naked ambition

For his first fear-inducing feat, 'The Mad Dog' goes undercover at a Spanish nudist resort

Sandwich course

Bartie considers the point of taxpayers investing squillions in a sandwich that will stay “fresh” for the next one hundred years.

A love affair with tortilla de patatas: A recipe for disaster?

I don't know about you but one of the things I love most about Spain is the food

What a mission! My six weeks at a language school in Sevilla

My Mission Espanol has come to an end, but I couldn't have chosen a better to way to spend my last six weeks in Spain

Viva Musica!

ZZ PUB in the centre of Malaga is currently offering an open mic night for residents and tourists alike looking to share their talents with a lively audience. The event takes place every Sunday at 22:00, with the show itself kicking off at 23:00.

Facing facts

Bartie considers the dangers of eugenics

Music is all around…

Spain is full of music - it’s deep within their artistic culture

Prospecting for oil off the Almería, Granada and Málaga coast

Searching for oil and gas has been welcomed by both the Ministry of Industry and the Junta de Andalucía

To travel alone: A rewarding experience or an absolute nightmare?

Crossing the bridge to lone travelling is a daunting prospect, but not one to be missed

For Kate, the wait is over

Charlotte Hanson's take on the forthcoming Royal nuptials

It’s all in the translation

Por favor, una horca,” I ask the señora in the hardware store. She looks horrified. I make digging motions to indicate I need a garden fork. She looks relieved, and says there are none in stock. On looking up the Spanish for ‘horca’, I discover I’d asked for a gallows

What to expect from a long distance relationship – sort of

OP blogger Luke Andrews (in Spain) on long distance relationships

Back to Africa

Nature sneaks up on me year after year. I think I've got it all figured out (at least more or less) and understand the cycles and patterns in the flow of life in the mountains around us

Vélez Blanco, the Indalo and the Chaman (Brujo)

John Woodhead explores the cave paintings at Cueva de los Letreros

Spanish national rugby team defeat European champions

The success of the national side, and the television coverage that the sport is now receiving will, hopefully, bring more and more interest in the game and encourage youngsters to start taking up the sport


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