Thursday, 27 July, 2017


Last week I was thrilled to support the El Paraiso Amateur Traumatic Society by watching their stage version of Robin Hood, Men (and Women) in Surgical Stockings, twice!

Our OP blogger on his search for an architect in Jerez

I was spending my first Christmas in Montejaque. When we went out for a few drinks, we got a proper linguistic shock - everyone was speaking German!

Three of the loveliest pueblos blancos of the Guadiaro valley in our part of Secret Andalucía are Montejaque, its neighbour Benaoján and the stunning jewel in the crown, Ronda. Whilst Big Ron can boast a wide range of amenities and is a great town, Monty Jack and Ben and Joan are quieter and slap bang in the middle of the most spectacular scenery you could wish to see

Spectacular day of sport that featured teams from Cordoba, Jaen, Motril and Malaga

One of the hardest things for ex-pats or travellers to get used to is the Spanish schedule. So set your watches to slow, here’s how it all works...

Weathering a trip up to central Spain

I don't know about you but one of the things I love most about Spain is the food

Many disagree with bull running and bull fighting, protesting against how these magnificent beasts are treated. I agree, yet I don't agree enough to demand a stop to this element of Spanish culture

If the mosquitoes haven't gotten to you this summer, then the heat will have

Paul Whitelock reckons an extract from the lyric of the Beach Boys 1965 hit resonates with lots of people who have come to Ronda to live. But why is this stunning city so special?

The processions may be over but life goes on...

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights

John Woodhead takes look at mining and railways in the Almería province

Calling all expat Moanachondriacs. Stop bitching and bickering - it's time for an awesome autumn in Andalucia

The success of the national side, and the television coverage that the sport is now receiving will, hopefully, bring more and more interest in the game and encourage youngsters to start taking up the sport

Time to get that log fire burning. But where to get good logs at a decent price? Paul Whitelock ponders the dilemma as his regular supplier gives up

Here are a few hairy faces from Pamplona. If you laugh, you have to donate. If you don’t laugh, you have to donate because at least that’ll make you smile

The first night in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa,) where I had arrived at the age of 20 to start my year abroad from university, had been an orgy of cheap wine, pintxos and music by Santana. This had led to the worst hangover of my life.

Security measures were put into place at Almería's port and airport following the spread of Ebola

Richard Alexander discusses new US tax compliance legislation, and how it could affect you

Bartie wonders what the 'health fascists ' will pick on next

The walls in Spain are a lot thinner than they are anywhere else

Crossing the bridge to lone travelling is a daunting prospect, but not one to be missed

Here’s hoping your holidays are spent with relatively clean hands in your own home or that of a loved one

We've arrived in Spain and made it to Cabra without incident. Cabra is what Europe looks like in movies: narrow streets, tallish buildings, people walking, plazas every few blocks with lots of old men sitting and chatting… It’s amazing.


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