Friday, May 25, 2018

Soldiering on in Sevilla

Feeling the wintery cold in the city famous for its scorching summers

Romance in Bilbao

The romance echoes over the cobbled streets, past the black rimmed shop windows and streams down the sparkling bridge-laced river to the impressive Guggenheim Museum

Diary of a paper boy in Andalucia

Paul Whitelock gave up his part-time job as a paper boy in Devon when he was just 14. Little did he think he would become one again in Andalucía 45 years later!

Spanish local elections: The foreign vote?

Spanish local elections are due to take place on 22 May 2011

The key for lovers…

Around the world public fixtures such as fences, gates and bridges are being adorned with “Love Locks”. The craze has now hit the city of Malaga

Fair day on the fairway

Bob Gaston and friends give it their all in Estepona charity match


I am in my mid forties and recently moved to Spain with my family. We were meant to be moving to France, but we ended up here after an incident that involved daytime TV and a need for more sun and space than the Alps could offer.

An Open Letter to the new Mayors of the Costa del Sol

The new Mayor will soon take office in Estepona and, if his pre-election promises are to be believed, bring about the “change we need”.

Don’t mind me, I’m just shy

I don't think I'll ever be as out-going as I'd like to be, but that is something I'm working on

The March of Progress?

Living in a Spanish village I enjoy witnessing the inhabitants’ way of life. The locals I talk to (my Spanish is improving all the...

Hemingway and me

Our American blogger attends her first bullfight in Spain

I’m the pretty one!

When you pass out resumes here it is mandatory to attach a recent photo of yourself

British Eggcursions

THIS week I started back at school after the Easter break, and normality, for now, has returned. I wanted to stay in Granada over Easter...

The curious case of queuing in Spain

“I HATE this,” says an English colleague of mine, “and it happens all the time.” We were queuing in a cafe in Madrid. It was...

Calling all rugby fans!

Axarquia Colts take on the formidable Marbella team at Velez-Malaga on Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spanish national rugby team defeat European champions

The success of the national side, and the television coverage that the sport is now receiving will, hopefully, bring more and more interest in the game and encourage youngsters to start taking up the sport

Look up, it’s Granada!

Granada requires a neck with 360-degree movement, some billowing hippy trousers and an empty tapas-hungry stomach

Doctoring up pizza

It has nothing to do with medicine - I’m not dotting my pizza with aspirin

An exercise in perseverance

It's perfectly normal to feel isolated when you arrive to Spain and a gym is a great way to feel part of the community, without having to worry about social and language barriers

Deirdre and Me: A short interruption

Olive Press columnist Michael O’Reilly returns with his latest tale from the bookshop

Jerez Zoo: Why do visitors behave like animals?

A quick visit by OP blogger Luke Andrews reveals some disturbing facts about attitudes towards the creatures

A fino day out at Montilla

Last week when a friend and I decided that we’d travel to Montilla, located around thirty kilometres from the city of Cordoba

Everything to be disentangled, nothing deciphered

I officially attended my first ‘meet up’ this Saturday past. After broadcasting my need for companionship across various social media groups, I received a number of responses.

Long drive to bodega for golfers

Finca Onegar - a great day trip to a bodega in the province of Almeria

“Rain, rain, go away… ”

Paul Whitelock contemplates the wet weather last winter and this, and the Spanish origins of the nursery rhyme "Rain, rain, go away...!"

Will anyone do something about this doggy mess?

Los disgusting Perros & the Happy Yapping Club


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