Friday, 22 September, 2017


The Group B opponents in the Andalucian League put on an impressive and skillful display of rugby, all played in good spirit and sportsmanship

John Woodhead ponders how much he relies on technology

Last week I was thrilled to support the El Paraiso Amateur Traumatic Society by watching their stage version of Robin Hood, Men (and Women) in Surgical Stockings, twice!

The Olive Press’s very own Clarkson of the South, Richard Brooks, on why the new limit is merely a plan to raise more revenue in fines

How one broken writer got her groove back... and fixed her back in sunny Málaga

Put away the acrobatic suit, the time may finally have come where we can just walk down the street…

My life was fairly standard before moving to Seville... writes OP blogger Mary Biles
Scottish Country Dancing Jerez

OP blogger Luke Andrews joins in the fun at the 22nd Annual Meeting of Scottish Country Dancers in the Iberian Peninsular

Our blogger, Charlotte, discovers that despite the crisis, there are still well meaning and brave young Spaniards happy to help expats in need

Calling all expat Moanachondriacs. Stop bitching and bickering - it's time for an awesome autumn in Andalucia

Olive Press blogger Charlotte Hanson joins the press pack in Marbella

Getting crafty in across the bridge...

OP blogger Marianne Hill on the death of bullfighter Victor Barrio yesterday

Twenty-five kilometres into the 40-km night walk, I concluded we were the last of the 806 competitors

Golly chaps, it’s Geocaching time with the Famous Five. The world is reliving their childhood with a mischievous treasure hunt that is guided by a virtual network of clues. Warning: childish behaviour is inevitable!

Crossing the bridge to lone travelling is a daunting prospect, but not one to be missed

Bartie admires the smokers fighting a losing battle

The new Mayor will soon take office in Estepona and, if his pre-election promises are to be believed, bring about the “change we need”.

Searching for oil and gas has been welcomed by both the Ministry of Industry and the Junta de Andalucía

Christmas shopping for gifts in Salamanca

You’ve all heard the rather wacky theory that John F Kennedy, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Princess Diana et al aren’t dead at all and are living on a remote island somewhere in the world, well Paul Whitelock thinks that Andalucía is also a hiding place for the rich and famous

Back in the days when I lived in New York, it was coffee and a book or newspaper. Things have moved on so now it’s coffee and my laptop or ipad!

One of the many traditional Christmas goodies in Spain is the mantecado, a type of shortbread biscuit

Bartie admires the wealth of the Semana Santa procession

Katie Sims in Pamplona joins the Olive Press blogging team - and discovers the local pintxos (tapas) in the Navarra region

OP blogger Luke Andrews on how we perceive each other




A group campaigning for the rights of British citizens in Spain, responds to Theresa May's Brexit speech that took place today in the historic city of Florence, Italy.

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