Tuesday, 28 March, 2017


OP blogger Malcolm Dick puts the kettle on

Six brawny men (three dressed as women and one in a chicken suit) won the jug-throwing contest - this was Carnaval day in Montejaque

I don't know about you but one of the things I love most about Spain is the food

This year marks the 40th anniversary of British rock band Queen

Charlotte discovers that the Gibraltar dolphins rock!

Bartie wonders why things are cooling down when they should be hotting up...

Hannah discovers the province of Córdoba is full of fantastic landscapes

Bartie considers the best vodka for a Bloody Mary

"I’m finding out that Christmas in Spain is about Jesus, not Santa"

The success of the national side, and the television coverage that the sport is now receiving will, hopefully, bring more and more interest in the game and encourage youngsters to start taking up the sport

Why did we remove the brown and blue mosaic tiles and paint the wall ‘magnolia’ instead?

The Olive Press’s very own Clarkson of the South, Richard Brooks, questions what's in store for motorists in Gibraltar

Golly chaps, it’s Geocaching time with the Famous Five. The world is reliving their childhood with a mischievous treasure hunt that is guided by a virtual network of clues. Warning: childish behaviour is inevitable!

Axarquia Rugby Club, based in Velez-Malaga, has announced an exciting way of raising finance for the club

Disgruntled of Andalucia (formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells)

Against the strong El Ejido club from Almeria, Axarquia played a strong physical game to overcome their opponents with a 29-5 victory

Saturday morning non-contact rugby for boys and girls in Velez-Malaga

Happy New Year - I missed a massive carnival in Pamplona!

OP blogger Luke Andrews (in Spain) on long distance relationships

ON Friday, 15 April, Jerez Zoo gained its newest arrivals. The female Iberian Lynx gave birth to three Guinea pig-sized kittens. The mother, Castañuella, remained...

It's the municipal elections in Spain today. Our blogger Charlotte Hanson is off to cast her vote at the polling station. Are you?

The Pyrenees is transformed for summer. Bears, snakes, ice-cold rivers and bemused locals

It’s our 26th wedding anniversary. “What would you like: flowers, chocolates, jewellery?” “How about we buy a house in Spain,” he said.

Disgruntled of Andalucia (Formerly Royal Tunbridge Wells) Maximilian Bartie tells it how it is

Disgruntled of Andalucia (formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells) puts the world to rights

Weathering a trip up to central Spain


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