Saturday, September 22, 2018

Four Spanish weddings …

Paul Whitelock has had the good fortune to have been invited to four weddings on Spanish territory

Collegium Musicum Christmas concerts

By Morris Bishop TWO Christmas concerts will be performed by the Collegium Musicum on the Costa del Sol in the run up to the festive...

Our man in Almería

Introducing our new blogger, John Woodhead, who will be providing news about what is happening in Almería and views on aspects of his life here in Spain

The Anniversary Gift

It’s our 26th wedding anniversary. “What would you like: flowers, chocolates, jewellery?” “How about we buy a house in Spain,” he said.

Collegium Musicum Christmas Concert 2014

OP blogger Morris Bishop reviews the Collegium Musicum Costa del Sol 2014 Christmas Concert

Happy New Year… now eat your grapes!

The New Year to me means paper hats and noise makers, countdowns on TV and watching "the ball" drop in Times Square

Granada: The tourists, the guide and the tapas

Earlier this month I played host to various family members who came out to visit: the boyfriend, the elder sister with her man and of course, the folks

Canadian Rummy, Tuesday Golf and Eric McMordie

What do they have in common? My natural inclination would be to say that there is nothing to connect these three things

Maximilian Bartie: ‘Time for change’

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights

110km/h?… I’m getting a new road angel!

The Olive Press’s very own Clarkson of the South, Richard Brooks, on why the new limit is merely a plan to raise more revenue in fines

Mind your head

Introducing the blog of American writer Jennifer Luna... our latest Olive Press website contributor

Falling for Granada

There is a mystery about Granada, a soul and personality that has as much to do with its history as with the people who now choose to live here

Skiing in Spain – The next big thing

It's all downhill now for Olive Press blogger Katie Sims

Tasty! Spinach and feta quiche with porridge base

A firm favourite in the Woodhead household

“Rain, rain, go away… ”

Paul Whitelock contemplates the wet weather last winter and this, and the Spanish origins of the nursery rhyme "Rain, rain, go away...!"

Our renovations perturbed the locals

Why did we remove the brown and blue mosaic tiles and paint the wall ‘magnolia’ instead?

City on Fire (I must be crackers!)

An unexpected phone call leads Olive Press columnist - Craig Scott, into one of his weirdest assignments yet!

Paddy MacLachlan’s house building blog – Episode 3

I really, really hope my neighbours never read this or hear about it, although I don't suppose they will. They speak less English than I speak Spanish

From London to Granada

Sometimes something in your life is not quite right, and a big change is called for. For me, that change was moving to Granada, one month ago, from London

Doolally about dogs

Charlotte's 'other half' DJs at a dog's birthday party for charity in Puerto Banus!

City on Fire (Part 2)

Missing mojos, porno poker and claustraphobic cheeses can mean only one thing - Craig Scott is back with another ´Mad Dog´ encounter

An American in Madrid

Hannah takes in some of the sights in Spain's capital

A backward glance

After four lessons to learn the ‘sevillana’ dance, I think I have finally mastered the steps. I’d been muddling my paso with my pasada, and turning right when I should have been turning left

Judicial donkeys

Bartie laments the lack of justice in the world

International rugby fiesta!

Young players from Wales, Spain, Italy, Argentina and the UK were supplemented by a 100-strong crowd including ten American tourists keen to learn more about the great sport of rugby

Maximilian Bartie: ‘What a banker’

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights


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