Wednesday, 20 September, 2017


ON Friday, 15 April, Jerez Zoo gained its newest arrivals. The female Iberian Lynx gave birth to three Guinea pig-sized kittens. The mother, Castañuella, remained...

OP blogger Luke Andres says 'if you don't visit it, you're mad!'

OP blogger Luke Andrews says everything will be fine

OP blogger Luke Andrews on how we perceive each other

OP blogger Marianne Hill takes an Easter trip to Sevilla with her family

In his final Olive Press dispatch, former Chief Reporter Tom Powell remembers the three key lessons living in Spain has taught him
Scottish Country Dancing Jerez

OP blogger Luke Andrews joins in the fun at the 22nd Annual Meeting of Scottish Country Dancers in the Iberian Peninsular

OP blogger Luke Andrews enjoys a wild weekend volunteering with Jerez zoo

OP blogger Luke Andrews presents his tried and tested restaurant recommendations for you in Jerez

Olive Press blogger Luke Andrews stumbled upon the Real Bodies exhibition when he visited Portugal

Olive Press blogger Claire Thomas ponders the question of a Brexit

OP blogger Luke Andrews reports that last week students gave respect to their Muslim heritage, posing questions about its place in modern Spanish society

Olive Press blogger Luke Andrews caught up with the painter behind the latest exhibition at Castillo de Santa Catalina

OP blogger Luke Andrews interviewed Auxiliares to find out their opinions on having two schools

A group of teenagers from Jerez and Cádiz receive Gaelic football training from Marbella and Sevilla Gaelic football clubs

The Archaeological Museum of Jerez - a surprisingly exquisite, engaging and complete collection of artefacts

Crossing the bridge to lone travelling is a daunting prospect, but not one to be missed

Away from the tourist jargon and the public glare, La Guitarrón is truly one of the undiscovered jewels of Jerez

With well over 22 churches and convents in Jerez de la Frontera, finding time to visit them all can be tricky. OP blogger Luke Andrews offers his favourites

TWO weeks into the new year and already I've gotten off to a very bad start to 2016. Like many, I'm not one for making new...

OP blogger Ben Anson takes a trip to El Sardinero, Santander

Thinking about the first time we tried putting up our brand new tent always makes me giggle

A special and uniquely Jerezano event unites the city this Yuletide

OP contributor Morris Bishop reviews the Marbella concert

A quick visit by OP blogger Luke Andrews reveals some disturbing facts about attitudes towards the creatures

Los disgusting Perros & the Happy Yapping Club




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