Thursday, 25 May, 2017


Holidaymakers were looking forward to their early morning cuppa

They claim they were forced to work more than three times the hours in their contracts

Ship's cargo must not be unloaded in Palma, insist local protestors

He claimed Dean’s death was an accident because he ‘walked into the knife’

AVIA has announced a review of the incident

Man and woman in their 70s had been dead for weeks

Podemos's Balearic leader Albert Jarado also under fire for receiving rental income

The attack happened during an Ariana Grande concert

Farron savages 'utter unfairness' of May denying expats vote in election

Some 700 drivers caught drug-driving by police on islands' roads

Sanchez trounces Diaz in Balearics, winning 71.4% of vote

The average age of the province is just 39.6 years

The study suggests in terms of time Andalucia lost nine years in GDP

Authorities to concentrate inspections on airport

The diverse region became the backdrop to 1,336 films during 2016, the highest amount in 10 years

El Primo Juan and Ismael Ballotelli video recorded on mobile phone

The star cited intense online criticism

Forward-thinking businesses in Malaga, Sevilla and Granada are among those developing the renewable energy sector in countries including Mexico, Panama and Chile

A total of 459,836 tickets were issued for offences

The alleged arsonist threw the homemade device at the statue

Farmer confronts intruders with shotgun

Trials delayed as Ministry of Justice launches investigation

It comes after Andalucia’s PSOE slammed PP leaders for massively reducing Doñana’s state funding from €428,000 in 2016 to just €142,000 this year

Cars registered between 1920 and 1965 from across Europe are expected to roar into the exclusive resort

Construction company Seopan has placed designated construction as high priority

Larger classrooms, renovated toilets and new sports tracks are some of the works being undertaken


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