Monday, 23 October, 2017


Anti-corruption party Podemos could be on course to gain Barcelona

The Pride March this year beat records both in terms of floats and people

Princess Cristina has been demanded to declare a list of assets to be blocked to cover her €2.7 million bail fee

Holidaymakers were looking forward to their early morning cuppa

Andalucia is the most represented region on the list

The two nations have agreed to work together to capture fugitives and send them home to be brought to justice

Duty-free zone to be built in La Linea to compete with Gibraltar trade prices

The father had employed intermediaries to get his son into Spanish territory but expected the operation to be legal

The group were also planning to snatch a random girl on Halloween and torture her

Monarch's decision comes after Pedro Sanchez fails in second investiture vote

Spain's submerged black economy is third highest in industrialised world

A gay homeless counter-protestor was violently assaulted

Rafeal Nadal picks up honorary degree before Madrid Masters event

Upwardly-mobile phone fees

The summer months see a 65% rise in traffic

Mallorca Olive Press's sailing expert took to the seas for prestigious regatta

Spanish exports to the UK reached a record high of €19 billion in 2016

Expat salesman ties up ‘unheard of’ nine home sales on the bounce... and he could be in for a tenth!

Shakira shows off her new baby with a stunning photo on Twitter

Amina Axelsson, leapt into the ring and unveiled a banner reading 'Stop Bullfighting'

Nieves Barragan Mohacho joins the likes of Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver in the peerage publishers’ annual roll call which recognises Britain’s 500 most influential people in their field, from finance and books to science and food

UPDATE: INFOCA say fire has been extinguished AN additional 11 firefighters have been called to tackle a blaze in Marbella. The forest fire on La Concha,...

The ban would include all areas of historical, cultural or artistic importance in Spanish city centres

PATIENTS attending the Hospital de La Línea were gobsmacked to see rats running freely in the building. While many patients have previously claimed to have...

Clarkson's friends and family concerned for his health




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