Thursday, April 19, 2018

Leave my home alone!

UK pensioner battling to keep London home over a Spanish property investment that went wrong

Ex-Gibraltar judge in attack on border control queues

Barrington Black urged closer ties between the Rock and Spain

Former King Juan Carlos in hot water over paternity claims

But Spanish politicians are rushing to his rescue

Spain not cool? Who are you trying to kid?

As British youth turns its back on Spain, the Olive Press gives the tourist board some suggestions on how to win them back again...

Gaucin property owner and ex-Tory minister Cecil Parkinson dies at 84

FORMER Tory minister Cecil Parkinson has died. The former Conservative cabinet minister, who was a close friend and ally of Margaret Thatcher, was suffering from...

BADFELLAS: Italian mafia boss arrested in Costa del Sol pizzeria

AN 'important' Italian mafia leader has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.  In cooperation with Italian cops, Policia Nacional picked up the suspect in...

Gibraltar man in Calais helps raise £157,000 for migrant camp

Gibraltarian Dan Teuma, 29, works with CalAid to help those living in the camp each day

Brit receives €24,000 phone bill after losing mobile in Ibiza

A 21-year-old from Basingstoke was shocked to receive the mega phone bill after losing his phone in Ibiza

Spain prepares to ban sex ads from newspapers

The ban will hopefully come into effect in the new year

Devolved administrations won’t play decisive roled in Brexit, says Theresa May

'Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK Government', says PM

Lidl commits to eradicate battery farming of hens

Lidl is one of the world’s fastest expanding supermarkets

Andalucia’s rooftops transformed into community hubs

Non-profit group Redetejas has sparked a revolution by transforming rooftops across Andalucia

Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Brits left stranded abroad as Monarch ceases trading and cancels 300,000 bookings

AN estimated 100,000 British tourists have been left stranded abroad after Monarch ceased trading today.  The British airline has been forced to cancel 300,000 bookings...

EXCLUSIVE: Mallorca-based British expat’s drive to stub out cigarette litter

Ben Cattell launches Ciggy Trap Challenge with cigarette disposal bins

Former Lord Mayor duped in Spanish timeshare ‘scam’

EXCLUSIVE: Former Lord Mayor of Bristol has been 'scammed' out of part ownership of property in El Rosario

Spanish man hacked to death in the UK

Language student is said to have been decapitated in frenzied attack at Bournemouth flat

Solar panel law in Spain could cost thousands of independent energy producers millions in fines

Green groups fight back against ‘crazy’ solar panel law that threatens €60 million fines and worsens climate change

EXCLUSIVE: People smuggler linked to missing British expat Lisa Brown is ‘desperate’ to speak to Spanish police

British yachtsman Jackson faces extradition over the disappearance of Scottish mother-of-one Lisa Brown, who has been missing for a year

Spanish bus operator sues ‘unfair competition’ Blablacar

Confebus claim Blablacar have made enormous profits by skirting regulations

127 kilo cocaine haul found on Spanish naval training ship

Three sailors have been detained in Cadiz

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter had affair with Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk

Spanish daily El Mundo has made the sensational claim about the disgraced FIFA president

EXCLUSIVE: Expats taking legal action against well known Costa del Sol glass and windows company after employee speaks out

He admitted he ‘could not take it anymore’ after receiving a barrage of complaints

Spanish PM holds talks with Italian counterpart over bailout

Irish and Greek leaders also in Rome to discuss the financial crisis


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