Saturday, 16 December, 2017

National News

Will the property market ever go back to its pre-crisis booming glory?

Submitting a police report has never been so easy

Spanish police plan to arrest 90 people in the days to come

EXCLUSIVE by Tom Powell: No more Strictly, Eastenders or Corrie for Brits abroad in southern Spain. The ITV and Channel Four move to Astra 2E is likely to happen on the morning of Tuesday, 11 February

Ian Jennings has been jailed for nine months

The gift was considered excessive in times of austerity for Spain

Pablo Iglesias - who leads the polls to be Spain's next leader - smiled and waved for his expatriate followers in Spain

The pair believed a priest's prayers were causing bad weather to capsize the boat

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish man Jon Edwards went missing in Portugal in September

The Princess is facing four years in jail for accessory to tax fraud

Europe reacts to fear of further terror attacks after France

The grass won’t be greener for long...

UK police are appealing for information on the fugitive Timmy Donovan

Four Brits in the cell said to be planning further attacks in Europe

The hashtag #NoPodeis (You can't) has been used more than 60,000 times following Podemos' March for Change in Madrid

Green group Ecologists in Actions claims air pollution causes 2,000 deaths a year in the capital

Pablo Iglesias and Inigo Errejon have adopted a 'divide and conquer' mentality

Secretary-general Maria Dolores de Cospedal failed to declare 12,000 metres-squared of land

Interpol battles frozen food billed as fresh and sell-by-date fiddling

The US car manufacturer will pump an extra €1.1 billion into its Valencia plant

Spain: where your divine interpretation of the cosmos can affect your grades

Mother walks away with a one year suspended jail sentence in Benidorm

Temporary accommodation centres in Ceuta and Melilla are significantly over-capacity

The Supreme Court is looking into a Belgian woman's claim that she is the former monarch's illegitimate child

After embarking on the 26,000 km round trip connecting Spain and China, the Yixin’ou cargo train has returned to Asia

Two men detained in Girona and two in Melilla




OVER 17,700 residents in the ORA areas of Palma have until January 31 to renew parking permits. Residents who have had accidents or incidents over...
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