Friday, March 23, 2018

Young British man missing in Spain

Sam Medhurst has been classed as a missing person since Saturday March 5

Teacher from Spain ‘hid in cupboard’ with students while white supremacist went on killing spree at US school

 A TEACHER from Spain was forced to hide in cupboard with her pupils as a white supremacist went on a killing spree in the...

New companies at seven-year high in Spain

A 4% year-on-year increase saw a total of 9,903 new companies being created during March alone

REVEALED: The happiest countries in the EU

THE happiest countries in the EU have been revealed in a huge EU-wide poll. A survey by the European Commission asked people to agree or...

Tax fraud charges against Princess Cristina upheld by Mallorca court

But the court has dropped money-laundering charges

Dine and dash gang strikes for second time in Spain after racking up €10,000 bill

They clocked up a €10,000 bill before bolting

Almost 1,000 people injured in Catalunya referendum crackdown

ALMOST 1,000 people were injured while trying to vote in the Catalunya referendum yesterday.  According to the Catalan health service, 893 people received medical attention...

Galileo satellite system installation moving from UK to Spain thanks to Brexit, EU announces

PART of the Galileo satellite system installation is to be relocated from the UK to Spain thanks to Brexit, the European Commission has announced. The...

Less than a quarter of Catalans want independence from Spain as regional elections loom

LESS than a quarter of Catalans want to continue seeking independence from Spain as regional elections loom, a new poll has revealed. Just 24% of...

Madrid’s new mayor wants to turn renowned golf course into ‘urban farm’

Manuel Carmena, of Podemos-backed Ahora Madrid, has made the Club de Campo a symbolic target for the country’s political reform

Spain and Colombia battle over sunken galleon treasure

The San Jose was returning to Spain when it was sunk by British pirates off the Colombian coast

Spanish police arrest ‘ISIS supporting jihadis’ in southern Spain

They were hoping to be trained before launching an attack in Europe

British grandmother accused of laundering profits from €125million Mafia drug smuggling operation

Sheryl Rogers, 46, spent 16 years as the lover of the Mafia boss in their Tenerife home from which he operated

Spain second-best country in the world for first-time buyers

Spain saw a 2.2% increase in salaries against a 5.75% drop in property prices

Socialists call for €1 billion poverty fund in Spain

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba says poverty is a 'national emergency' in Spain

Spain sends more positive tweets than any other country

New Zealand and Mexico's Twitters are also particularly pleasing

New lynx population found in Spain

Hopes for the future survival of the world’s most endangered cat species have been raised after the discovery of an unknown population of Iberian lynx.

Patients refused healthcare in certain Spanish regions

Tourists in Catalonia and Valencia are refused prescriptions and can only see a specialist in emergencies

Peter and Abbey go (little) and large

Spurs ace made the most of the sun as the couple relaxed on their honeymoon

Zapatero’s cuts passed in knife-edge vote

Spain's drastic budget cuts get go ahead in the closest of decisions

Benidorm stars voice radio campaign

Adverts aimed at helping Brits with everyday life in Spain

Rubber bullets fired on the streets of Madrid

Police clash with protestors as thousands of Spaniards march in solidarity with the miners

Moving up for Spanish car firm

Increase in exports helps SEAT boost profits for 2011

Tourism brought €124 billion to Spain’s economy last year

84.7% of firms confirming their sales improved last year

Drink company’s new app saves Sevilla strawberry farmers billions of litres of water

Innocent began developing the app with farmers at Doñana National Park


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