Wednesday, December 19, 2018

VIDEO: Planes near-miss at Barcelona airport

Footage of the 'near miss' has gone viral on youtube

Theresa May to make first visit to Spain next week

It is her first visit since becoming PM

Homes benefit from Green cash injection

Three billion euros is what it costs to make Spain more environmentally awareTHE Government has announced a one-billion-euro package in its bid to make...

Surprising number of Britons forget to take their pants on holiday

Plug adaptors and phone chargers also among the most commonly forgotten items on holiday

Up to 70% of Spanish businesses close within two years of starting up

High taxes and bureaucratic hurdles trip up entrepreneurs

Spanish building voted world’s best

The Media-TIC building in Barcelona saw off over 700 entries to be crowned World Building of the Year 2011

Spanish ‘Manhattan’ plans approved

Ayuntamiento of Cullera, Valencia, has approved plans to build 33 skyscrapers on the shoreline

Aer Lingus defends ANOTHER price hike for check in bags on flights to Spain

A family of four travelling to and from Spain would have to fork out an extra €280 just for their suitcases

Human Rights Watch slam ‘flawed’ Spanish security Bill

Nicknamed the 'gag law', the proposed Bill will come down on protesters and freedom of speech

Spanish hostages released after 21 months in Somalia

The Doctors Without Borders aid workers were kidnapped in Kenya in October 2011

Barcelona’s last bull-ring to become first mosque

Qatari Emir to build largest mosque outside Mecca, Medina

UPDATE: Former Bankia chief axed from his role within the PP

Rodrigo Rato has been suspended from his role within the country's ruling party following expenses scandal allegations

Pints while pregnant

A shocking 45 per cent of pregnant women in Spain have admitted to drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Spanish Prime Minister warns of tough times ahead despite €100 billion bailout

Mariano Rajoy claims negative growth will continue and unemployment will rise further

Malaga’s central hospital draws up refurbishment plans to improve ailing reputation

Under the plans, the hospital hopes to carry out the work in three stages to minimise disruption and have put aside €2.5 million for the works.

‘Spain is back!’ after winning UN Security Council seat

Officials rejoice as Spain's diplomatic efforts are rewarded by a seat on the UN Security Council

Book a flight for only €10 in Ryanair’s Halloween flash sale

But hurry, the offer ends at midnight tonight

Dying to Migrate

As unprecedented numbers of sub-Saharan Africans arrive on the Granada coast, Lisa Tilley looks at Spain’s waterborne immigration trends and considers the future for...

Spain to extend expiry dates on food

Agriculture Minister Miguel Arias Canete has said that expiry dates on food products should be reviewed to avoid waste in times of economic hardship

€190,000 portrait of ex-minister to be given ‘as present’

Fee for painting former minister Francisco Alvarez-Cascos will be waived, says the artist

Illegal immigrant shoot out game backfires for PP Conservative Party

A controversial video game commissioned by PP in Catalonia provoked widespread outrage

FIVE year investigation into Spain’s biggest ever public money fraud scandal sees 275 people probed but NOT ONE charged

THE investigation into Spain’s biggest ever public money fraud, the ERE scandal, is now into its fifth year...but the authorities have yet to prosecute...

Driven to distraction in Spain

3,400 drivers fined in just one week in a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving


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