Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spain’s trains speed ahead

Spain has developed Europe's largest high-speed rail network


British pensioner flew to Spain with an axe in her hand luggage

Daily Mail faces trouble over 10-year-old mum

The Spanish Attorney General hopes to prosecute the British daily newspaper for printing photos of the young parents

Oy vey! Now we’re the Costa del Corruption

Spain is more corrupt than Israel, according to a new poll

Busted over bingo

Police have raided a group of pensioners playing 20 cents bingo

Pope’s queer kissathon

Thousands of gay people set to welcome the Pope with a kiss

MP broke planning rules to expand luxury villa

Tory MP faces bulldozing after falling foul of Spain’s strict building regs

Weather alerts in Spain over holiday weekend

Yellow and orange warnings for heavy rain and strong winds in Spain

TICK-TOCK, don’t forget to change your clock!

Clocks in Spain go back one hour at 3am on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paul the oracle Octopus dies

The psychic Octopus that predicted Spain's World Cup victory has died peacefully in his sleep

Spanish prostitutes made to wear reflective clothing

Roadside prostitutes in northern Spain are being made to wear fluorescent vests for their own safety

Sound asleep

An unemployed security guard has slept his way to victory in Spain’s first siesta championship

Bridget Jones knickers for men

Clothing giant Marks & Spencer has a new range of body enhancing underwear

Bingo child neglect

A Chinese man has been arrested after he left his daughter in the car while he played bingo

Brigade hero dies

Hero of the International Brigades, Sam Russell, has died age 95

Wife killer fugitive

The hunt is on to track down an Irish man, Michael Dermot McArdle, wanted for killing his wife

Have suitcase will travel

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Priceless hoard of Spanish Civil War photos found in a suitcase to go on display in Spain next year. Copyright Magnum Pictures

No more A-plus

SPAIN’S credit rating has been downgraded

British drug gang – including a pensioner and four women – busted in Spain

The gang, who were aged from 22 to 78 and came from Liverpool, are accused of ecstacy and cannabis smuggling

Pints while pregnant

A shocking 45 per cent of pregnant women in Spain have admitted to drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Belt up

A quater of all people who died in traffic accidents last year in Spain were not wearing a seat belt

Alberto Contador tests positive for drugs

This year's Tour de France winner has failed a drugs test

Flight chaos as General Strike hits Spain

Flights grounded as unions get 70 per cent support for the general strike

La Bella Raquel

Sorolla’s painting of famous actress expected to fetch 250,000 euros at auction

Granny, drop the kids! It’s the national strike

The Unions are calling for grandparents to stop looking after their grandchildren on the day of the General Strike

The debt crisis could be over

Prime Minister Zapatero has declared the debt crisis is over in Europe


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