Monday, June 18, 2018

Let the car take the strain

New 'road train' idea soon to be tested in Spain will allow drivers to relax with a movie or a book while on the motorway

Kylie visit sparks more wedding rumours

Is pop princess set to tie the knot with Spanish lover?

Spanish wolf photo in fake storm

Award-winning photo shrouded in authenticity doubts

Floody hell

Junta chiefs blasted for lack of action after thousands of homes washed away in heaviest rainfall on record

Just a bit more sex please

Sex survey reveals that Spaniards are satisfied with their love lives... although men would prefer to have just a little bit more!

Obama’s man

Remarkable story behind the photo of this unknown Afro-American, who fought against Franco, in advance of US president’s visit

Snowed under

First the floods, now the snow arrives. Here conditions on the road between Grazalema and El Bosque, just 20 minutes from the Costa del Sol

New year drunk and disorderly

More violence and alcohol problems this year... in the capital at least, while two die on Andalucian roads

Terror alert welcomes new Spanish presidency

Fear of ETA bombing high as Spain takes over the next six months EU leadership

Kylie Spain visit sparks new wedding rumours

Pop princess spends week with her family in Australia before jetting to Spanish boyfriend's home on Costa Brava

Spain seizes record cocaine haul

Two tonnes of cocaine seized in air shipment of carnations and roses

Crimeshare doesn’t pay

EXCLUSIVE: Multi-millionaire timeshare king Bob Trotta branded “a fraudster” in Spanish court case ambush

‘Narco-sub’ that got blown out of the water

As dozen Algeciras dockers are nicked in drugs swoop - and UK and Spain work together on 375 million euro haul - court hears how two Andalucian businessmen funded an underwater smuggling operation that quickly sunk

No Spanish Scrooges!

Despite the worse recession in over 60 years, Spaniards still spend big at Christmas time

Spain’s Greenpeace boss to spend Christmas in jail

Juan Lopez de Uralde was arrested protesting on the last day of the 'failed' climate summit

Check out those baubles!

Own goal for Frank Lampard as ex-wife becomes star of Christmas underwear

Spain’s El Gordo heads north

Few winners picked up any of the 2.3 billion euro prize money in the south of Spain

Spain to snuff out smoking

Protests over plan to ban smoking in all public places next year

Catalans demonstrate independence urge

An independent poll shows 94 per cent of one Catalan region wants independence from Spain

Spain grinds to a halt

Cold snap causes chaos across the country

Right royal rump-us

Queen 'honoured' alongside Obama and Brown in Spanish Christmas tradition

Greenpeace warning

Hard-hitting campaign warns of future with decisive summit now underway

Why the Copenhagen climate summit must work

By Jason Heppenstall in Copenhagen

Well suicide horror shocks Spain

Policeman on hunting trip commits suicide after waiting days for rescue

Bin Laden comes to Spain

Terrorist chief's pacifist son seeks asylum


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