Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bloodiest ever Pamplona

Fatal goring resparks bull run debate

A tiddler lands the fish record

Nine foot catfish caught by girl, age 11

Third of Europe’s unemployed in Spain

New figures show that Spain has a total of 17.9 per cent of its workforce out of work.

One-way ticket home

A total of 70,000 unemployed Romanians will be targeted


Homeowners will be forced to pay five per cent more than necessary for their electricity from July 1 - that is unless you contract one of the new free-market companies

Sun, sea and insemination

British lesbians heading to Spain are not just coming for the sangria

Homage to Orwell and co

A new book retells the story of George Orwell´s involvement in the Spanish Civil War

A free ride for the sunloungers this summer

British tourists will have the pick of the sun loungers this summer as a record number of German tourists decide to holiday at home

100,000 British arrive at wrong destination

A further 1.9 million bring the wrong currency, a survey has revealed

Kylie ‘Spaining Around’

Minogue looking to buy in Spain as she allegedly comes closer to marrying her Iberian beau

Civil War Volunteers Offered Citizenship

Seven British pensioners are to accept Spanish citizenship in recognition of their bravery fighting Fascism during the Spanish Civil War

Speed heist gang arrested

A gang that specialised in robbing moving trucks, has been rounded up in Madrid

Wanted man caught

Accused of attempted murder, wounding with intent and possession of a firearm, it is a major coup that Andrew Snelgrove has been rounded up

Blog Granny dies aged 97

A grandmother, who started a popular blog two years ago, has died aged 97

Soldiers catch Swine Flu

A dozen Spanish soldiers are believed to have contracted swine flu

Cocaine in Spain sniffed in vain

Air in parts of Barcelona and Madrid is laced with at least five drugs, a report has found

Do you know this man?

Maddie snatch suspect spent a long time on the costas, it can be revealed

Franco had one testicle

Like Hitler, Spain’s dictator might have been ‘monorchid’, claims new book

Maddy police chief falsified evidence

Prison sentence for Amaral for covering up torture use in second missing child case

Expats Against Corruption

Britons to fight against corrupt town halls in European elections

Spain joins Carbon Capture trio

Spain is joining the UK, Germany and Canada in investigating the potential of carbon capture as a means of fighting global warming

Superjudge takes on the US

Judge Garzón prosecutes Bush lawyers over torture claims

Sell an organ to beat La Crisis

Investigation launched after Spaniards look to sell organs to make ends meet

Bun Fight!

A Burger King advert, which features a squat Mexican draped in his country’s flag and an American cowboy, has offended Mexican officials in Spain

No Enigma!

Multi-millionaire musician’s mansion torn down for failing to get licence

Desperate Housewives get close to Nervous Breakdowns

Almodovar comes up trumps with film being made into US TV series


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