Wednesday, 16 August, 2017

Business & Finance

Bank confirms it is shutting 35% of its branches across the country, shedding over a thousand jobs

Spanish CEOs defy crisis with second highest wages at €788 per hour

The British Chamber of Commerce is set to talk tax laws, money laundering and data protection next week

Government pledges to invest a further €1 billion in Spain's auto sector

You can now claim UK sickness/disability benefits in Spain, writes Kim Clark

The non-payment is causing upkeep and maintenance service problems

Protesters have stepped up the campaign to reform Spain’s strict mortgage laws after four suicides in just one month

Insurance policy based on size of your pet is launched

Antonio Flores from Lawbird looks at 10 important indicators to consider when paying tax in Spain

Club failed to pay off €68 million loan guaranteed by regional authorities

IMF predicts fall in GDP but it’s better news for 2014

Assets worth more than €50,000 must be declared

Expat residents in Spain face huge fines for failing to declare overseas assets over €50,000

Continued uncertainty over Britain’s future in the EU has affected value of the pound, writes Keith Spitalnick

Road to riches, by Richard Alexander

Hacienda closes in on tax evaders, requiring all residents to declare offshore assets over €50,000 by the end of March

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Irrational’ demands for breastfeeding and maternity information not helping small businesses, insists expat company owner

The former Premiership footballer once made more money selling plants than playing, he tells Jon Clarke

Sir Mark Thatcher among expats in Spain named as part of investigation

Iberia to reduce workforce by a quarter as it struggles with record loses

Keith Spitalnick looks at how the recent measures put in place to address the eurozone crisis have helped boost the value of the euro against the pound

Richard Alexander examines whether or not talk of an improvement in the economic situation is premature

Huge discounts for property to be offloaded by Spain’s lenders

Catalan president Artur Mas makes claim amid continued push for independence

The black economy and non-payers are to be targeted under new plans

Richard Alexander looks at the wisdom of relying on your business to provide you with a nest egg



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