Sunday, September 23, 2018

One trillion euro deal helps ease eurozone crisis

European leaders agree to cut Greek debt by 50 per cent while Spanish banks must raise 26.2 billion euros in capital

Tu caja es mi caja

Barclays bank hopes to increase its Spanish market share to 4.5 per cent

Spain’s credit rating slashed

Standard and Poor issues downgrade from AA to AA- as finance leaders come together for G20 summit

The ‘crazy’ expats who rung the changes in Spain

Bosses of mobile start up company MASmovil have got 100,000 customers in just four years – and now they are after the expat market

Five Spanish regions have credit rating lowered

Andalucia among those affected as IMF issues fresh call for Spain to receive external support

The art of investment in Spain

The savvy pensioners beating the recession by putting their savings into tax-free canvas

Euro in turmoil as Spanish Prime Minister holds talks with US President Barack Obama

Zapatero returns to Madrid to deal with crisis after cutting short his holiday in Andalucia's Donana National Park

Bank shares plummet amid fears over Spanish economy

Spain and Italy are seen as being too big to bail out

Yellow Elephant hotel falls victim to recession

Unusual ‘shareholder’ hotel purchase, involving pop band Belle & Sebastian, finally falls victim to the recession

Overbuilding in Spain causes further drop in prices

‘We must learn from this lesson’, says Bank of Spain boss

IMF warns of ‘considerable’ risks to Spanish economy

Spanish authorities must crack down harder on spending to aid recovery

Spanish bank hounds pensioner for 3p to close account

Ana Patricia Botin, the new boss of the bank - voted the worst in Britain - last month vowed to get to the ‘root causes’ of the bank’s woeful record

Ring the changes

Government finally gets tough with telecoms industry promising to impose heavy fines for poor customer service

Expat protest against Spanish bank

Expats protest over La Caixa savings account which can’t be touched for at least nine years

Free financial and estate advice seminar for UK expats

Due to the difficult economic situation in Spain, it is understandable that there is a lot of hesitation among UK expatriates regarding their financial and estate planning

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

EU grant fraud

6,000 companies accused of taking 23m euros to create jobs and then laying off staff

Spain ‘won’t follow Portugal’

Elena Salgado, the Spanish economy minister, has reassured investors that Spain will not need to ask for a bailout

Spanish bank CAM faces bail-out threat

CAM may become nationalised after proposed merger falls through

Spanish executive salaries increase

Top managerial salaries have increased by 12 per cent in Spain

Spain is lacking in girl power

Number of senior female executives have plummeted despite Zapatero’s aim to promote women

Jail for Santander bank boss

CEO of Spanish bank Santander has been given a jail sentence

Where to stick it!

Free investment seminars are being held around Andalucia this Spring

Right turn into money

Former socialist prime minister Felipe Gonzalez has launched a private equity firm

McFly are flying in to Spain

UK pop band will be touring Spain in May

The Tunisia effect

Stephen Tiley of Moneycorp believes Spain will see more holidaymakers thanks to turmoil in north Africa


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