Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Crime & Law

Notorious Brit Westley Capper supped beers and chatted with pal Craig Porter just 30 minutes after knocking over the Bolivian mother of a two-year-old in San Pedro

The group was using internet chat rooms and messaging apps to recruit Islamic radicals

The move follows a ten year investigation into the Tambov Gang which operated out of Spain

He has been released on bail while an investigation continues

When two of the women were arrested, one had a hand-held card reader in her bag

Playing for Alhaurin de la Torre's B team, Samuel was rushed to hospital after he was stabbed in the chest by fans from El Palo's B team

In July last year, convicted UK killer Mark Dixie confessed to one of the rapes

A man has been shot dead and two others injured at a weigh-in

The Giant-Alpecin riders sustained a number of broken bones

Two balaclava-clad gunmen stormed a pub ‘The Monk’ had been drinking in on New Year's Ev

Convicted fraudster known as Howard del Monte summoned over €750,000 fraud

LISA BROWN: Police hunt boyfriend who had yacht in Spain's La Linea marina

And further arrested expected, say police

PC Martina Anderson and Sgt Brett Williams, have been praised for helping track down Ashley James who went AWOL after escaping from UK prison five years ago

EXCLUSIVE: The owner is accused of forcing his dog to wear sunglasses and a police cap, and also placing a studded collar around his neck to stop him from moving.

Execution of Gary Hutch could spark gangland drug battle on Costa del Sol as crimelord Christy Kinahan flushes out disloyal associates

The PP government says it hopes the video does not tarnish the image of donkey-taxis

Podemos Mijas publishes shocking video of donkey cruelty

Paul ‘Burger’ Walsh fled to Spain in 2010 after he became the target of irate Republicans in Dublin

It is unconfirmed if there are any hostages

The police launched a search for the man, after the 'kidnapper' told his parents that their son would have his 'legs chopped off'

The two victims were last seen with the suspect on August 6

The toddler's mother is reportedly considered a flight risk

Westley Capper and Craig Porter set to be absolved after DNA results come back negative, lawyer says

It is part of the on-going investigation by the police’s anti-fraud unit UDEF, which is estimated could be the biggest corruption investigation in Spanish history

The police is charging members of activity company ActivitiSport with manslaughter




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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