Thursday, 23 November, 2017


Ring of Flames is the exciting conclusion to Fallon’s al-Andalus trilogy delves into Spain’s Moorish roots in Cordoba.

The study reveals that dolphins were found to have the same protein clusters found in Alzheimer patients.

NEW research shows that Spain’s education system is trailing behind Europe and other world leaders. Figures have revealed that 35% of young Spaniards lack a...

AS the sun set on Joseph Maria Jujol, a school in the North of Barcelona, Isabel Safont was going nowhere. Neither were her pupils. Joseph...

The school's Madrid outlet taught David Beckham's children when he played for Real Madrid

The event was to pay tribute to military historian Bernando de Galvez

Ten of the 20 most solicited universities on the continent are based in the country

The Barcelona forward’s charity has created 20 classrooms for displaced children

A MUCH-LOVED expert on Spanish history whose work was banned by Franco has passed away. British historian Hugh Thomas, an associate of Margaret Thatcher,...

Andalucia Junta head Susana Diaz wants to give allowances to students who do well in their studies at public institutions in Spain.

A poll found that 70.8 % of students prefer to work in the USA, with only 8.56% wanting to work in Great Britain

He claimed confiscation of his phone was 'mistreatment' by his mother

Spain and the UK climbed up the rankings

She took to Twitter to urge Catholic group Hazte Oir not to 'bring these buses to the U.S. (or anywhere)' as it revealed a new bus to tour the country next week

It is not known if authorities have become involved

70 companies signed up to the scheme in under a fortnight

Anyone aged 19 or under is invited to nominate their best work for the award

The regional government has signed off on a new protocol in a bid to tackle transphobia

The Eco Reserva above Ojen is a wildlife oasis where all ages can get up close to deer and other woodland creatures while learning about the environment and sustainability

The country’s students now perform as well in the subject as those in the UK, Switzerland and France, and better than their contemporaries in Ireland, Italy and Austria

The Guardia Civil is now investigating the issue

The Ministry of Education said that 19.7% of 18 to 24-year-olds left without having completed compulsory high school exams or an alternative equivalent qualification in the second trimester of 2016

That is the verdict of Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, the Junta’s Education Minister, who wants to ‘put more emphasis on education’ like in best performing regions ‘Castilla-León, Madrid and Navarra.

The centre-left party has asked the government to put pressure on state TV channel RTVE to stop dubbing foreign-made children’s programmes into Spanish




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