Tuesday, 12 December, 2017


The centre-left party has asked the government to put pressure on state TV channel RTVE to stop dubbing foreign-made children’s programmes into Spanish

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

He is being held at Almeria’s El Acebuche prison

Studio flats come with dinner party rooms, a cinema and a private gym

The entry level salary was nearly €7,600 above the OECD average

Mums and dads warn schools their kids will not complete their homework in protest

Erasmus has an uncertain future as Britain tries to negotiate deals

More than 500 students are enrolled at the two schools

The study shows mothers are less willing to travel overseas

The awards recognise public buildings for their originality, innovation, design, sustainability and integration into the local community

The education department has since vowed to draw up new regulations

Three British unis made the top 20

The 11 year olds have been supended

Troubled children find a home from home at one of Andalucia's 63 special needs school

Researchers fear the UK will fail to replace the €1.08bn a year it gets from the EU

The school offers foundation years 1 and 2 to three-five year olds and primary school education to five-12 year olds

Learning a new language is fun at the Blah Blah Blah Academy

The information will be gathered on children aged two to nine

Surprisingly, Indonesian ranked as the cheapest language to learn

HAVING been in business for 27 years, it can rightfully claim to be one of the oldest language schools on the Costa de la...

He hasn't missed a day in more than a decade

The June 27 meeting will be held by headmaster Peter Watts and school governors

Women are being invited to record themselves

She will also be joined Meryl Streep in Morocco




PALMA street artists and performers will soon need a license to work in the capitol. Those who wish to to perform music or magic, or...
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