Thursday, 30 March, 2017


The amputation of ears, claws, teeth or vocal chords is also banned

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

It is hoped the tags will also prevent owners from abandoning or mistreating their animals.

Last November, Spain was fined €46.5m by the EU Commission due to a failure to ensure its plants were safely processing sewage

Spain and the UK climbed up the rankings

There was widespread opposition from both residents and opposition political groups

The couple moved to Spain 15 years ago

More floods sweep across the region

High winds and torrential rain are predicted to lash the country

The left-wing political group has sent the Junta a list of questions to explain their plans to replenish a crucial aquifer in Almeria, dubbed the 'last oasis in Europe', which is being run dry by large olive growers

Many will be heading to the beach this weekend

Madrid has granted €16 million to the Costa

Scientists scraped off the plaque stuck on the teeth of two Neanderthals

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

The fraudsters have not spent a second behind bars

The ‘plant’ sees bin collectors dump their loads onto the ground before it is squashed down and picked up again

Pets showing such symptoms should be taken to the vet immediately

The European Commission has said that Spain could face legal action

Some areas saw 130 litres per square metre of water fall in just three hours

There have been landslides and 'chaos' in Malaga city

The unnamed calf is the fifth baby to be born at Bioparc Fuengirola

The mine could kill animals and destroy habitats, the WWF has said

A petition has gained almost 25,000 signatures

Some 10 environmental groups have sent an official letter to Spain’s minister of agriculture


They may look unusual, but Manuel Ruiz, development and promotion coordinator at HM Clause, insists that when people taste them, they will like them


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