Thursday, 25 May, 2017


Ecologistas en Accion has urged the Spanish Prosecution Service to investigate the unnamed business, which is currently carrying out suspicious activity in a super intensive olive grove in Sorbas, Almeria

Spain has been at the top of the list of countries with the most Blue Flag beaches for the past three decades

The law has been a year in the making and contains 62 articles

Three people have been seriously injured

Teresa Rodriguez, General Secretary of Podemos Andalucia, said that the Junta should do more to showcase the region’s 10,000km of trails as a green, responsible and profitable way to attract tourists

Marivent Palace is the official summer residence of former King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

Port agrees to give lessons to local schools

They have been described as 'very necessary' by the council

Boxing and arm wrestling machines have also been outlawed

MAGALUF is slipping down the ranks among young Brits looking for a partying holiday. Although still a popular choice, according to head of Party Hard...

A total of 2,936 permisos in the region lapsed without renewal in 2016, much higher than in Madrid (1,803) and Cataluña (1,423), the other top regions with fewest renewals

They celebrated receiving their cycling skills badges with a bike ride along the town’s riverside park to a nearby park.

Tabernas’s Oro del Desierto olive grove is a different world to the vast super-intensive farms it neighbours, which are sapping the region of its life blood - water

Now 400 times more water is being taken from an important Almeria aquifer than enters, an alarming situation that is being blamed on a surge in super-intensive olive production in the zone

Junta officials swooped on the sites which unscrupulous parties had been using to tap an aquifer on which the Sevilla and Huelva-based national park is dependent

Torremolinos that suffered the worst hit, with sand swept onto the promenade and flooding.

The birds will be used to deter other species from interrupting flights

Thousands of activists are expected to attend a nationwide rally in Madrid

A green conference will promote eco-friendly practises in the region

An estimated 22,000 flamingos have arrived at Andalucia's Fuente de Piedra

Andalucia now boasts 30% of the total green agri-food firms in the whole of Spain. the quantity has boomed over the past year.

Andalucia reused a whopping 329 tonnes of lightbulbs last year, but the region has a way to go before matching Madrid and Catalunya.

The European Climate Foundation has urged Spain to attend the G20 meeting in July to talk about reducing its reliance on carbon-emitting power sources.

Temperatures will increase over the Easter weekend. The hottest region will be Cordoba.

The money donated to the bioparc will go towards the conservation of Bornean orangutans and white-bearded gibbons.


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