Thursday, 14 December, 2017


English expat urges dog owners to be vigilant after his rottweiler died in agony from processionary caterpillar poisoning

‘Waste not want not’ as Andalucia’s iconic crop goes electric

The poachers left the dismembered bodies scattered across the countryside

More than 65,000 residents were told to stay indoors with doors and windows closed

Green group Ecologists in Actions claims air pollution causes 2,000 deaths a year in the capital

Ecologists and locals unite against government failure to remove highly radioactive matter from Almeria

Six-year-old European pond turtle, Trevor, has reached sexual maturity and keeps staging ‘flight attempts’ from his giant fish tank in Sabinillas

Spring could arrive with a sting in the tale for chestnut farmers near Ronda. Only then will they know if their €10 million industry is safe from the dreaded gall wasp

Red Palm Weevil's reign of terror could be brought to an end

But projects off the Mijas coastline still look to go ahead

Antonio Miguel Carmona has promised that, if elected, he will ‘eliminate’ diesel vehicles in the country’s capital by 2020

Acciona is the only company to make the grade

Should a mine that caused one of Spain’s worst environmental mishaps almost two decades ago reopen for 450 jobs?

La Posada de San Marcos, in the Sierra de Aracena natural park, has retained its GreenLeader status for 2015

Spain and UK backing the change in today's vote

The sewage plant has been a long-running saga

Since the Olive Press launched a campaign to cut back on plastic two years ago, plenty of town councils, companies and individuals around Andalucia have got the message, at least with plastic bags. But when it comes to plastic bottles not everyone has, writes Josephine Quintero

The plans involve creating new quarries and the reopening of quarry sites previously closed by Andalucia’s High Court.

After a heated debate about whether the Spanish authorities have been spraying toxic chemicals in the sky in a bid to stop global warming, Annabel Grossman investigates the strange phenomenon of 'chemtrails'

Junta to legalize 25,000 irregular homes, just in time for the elections

Launching our Green Guide this week, we start with an in-depth look at the red tuna industry by Andrew Pearce

Mobile phone app Tigatrapp has received the first picture of a tiger mosquito in Andalucia

Green groups shocked as Algarrobico hotel is deemed legal while expats, such as the Priors, see their disputed homes bulldozed

Entrepreneur Jesus Gomez's Biotrap business is really taking off

The Iberian lynx and Mediterranean monk seal are among the endangered in Spain

With Spain feeling the effects of climate change more than most, James Bryce looks at the effect global warming is having on people’s lives, and what’s been done to combat it




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