Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

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Celebrity chef Jose Andres decided not to open a restaurant in Trump's new International Hotel in Washington DC due to the president's comments on Mexicans

The three-course meal at Hotel Tamisa Golf at Mijas Costa on April 14 hopes to raise hundreds of pounds for El Refugio del Burrito in Antequera, which rescues donkeys that have been neglected or abused

Girona’s El Cellar de Can Roca comes third on a list of the top ten restaurants in the world. Another two claimed sixth and ninth position respectively.

The EU parliament is asking Spain to introduce legislation that will end ‘cruel’ practices inflicted on rabbits

The book was originally published in 1745 and Vicky Hayward translated it and added a new narrative

"Getting the star was not just an honour, it was a turning point for me. Being the first Andalusian woman to get one gives me a huge sense of pride, a feeling that has stayed with me ever since."

The restaurant is asking locals to identify the man

They may look unusual, but Manuel Ruiz, development and promotion coordinator at HM Clause, insists that when people taste them, they will like them

The Costa Tropical gets 90% of its 'green gold' from Andalucia, and Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to try it

The 'Made in Country' label was first introduced by the UK 130 years ago

Spain and the UK climbed up the rankings

A quarter of Spaniards are obese, despite the country’s diet being touted as one of the world’s most healthy

Guardia Civil are stepping up patrols against fruit thefts like these

A lower harvest due to a bacteria outbreak could be partly to blame

It's one of the country's biggest employers with 79,000 staff

These will follow the first Valencia store

It hopes to energize one of the main areas of Marbella centre

Claimants will have to provide evidence of their illness

Frozen vegetable production in Spain has grown by 50%

Drinks manufacturer Navarra’s new tipple, Vitral, will set you back €2,000

They clocked up a €10,000 bill before bolting

The Olive Press explores the city’s top dishes to discover a tantalising clash of ocean-to-table cuisine, complemented with produce harvested from the surrounding sierras

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

The 47-year-old Spanish immigrant to the USA closed five of his Washington D.C. restaurants as part of a national ‘Day Without Immigrants.’

Bad weather has decimated the crop

Retailers are set to shift focus to more UK-based suppliers




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