Friday, 15 December, 2017


Triggered by cuts in hospitals and doctors paid by Muface

Walnuts, widely grown in Andalucia, have been revealed to significantly boost memory power

Central and regional governments have given the green light to the protocol, which outlines a comprehensive strategy for detecting, treating and preventing FGM in Spain

Spain and UK backing the change in today's vote

The agreement will be trialled with crossover organ donors

A new book by Dr Vejay Singh – aka Dr Venom – trawls a terrifying list of creepy crawlies found in Andalucía and offers symptoms and treatments. Wendy Williams meets the man and picks out some of the nastiest nasties

EXCLUSIVE: Expat doctor accused of wrongly giving €26,500 cancer treatment to elderly member of the billionaire Swarovski clan, by Tom Powell

NHS shortages in Wales have forced bosses to recruit nurses from abroad

Vodafone loses battle to keep mobile phone mast in Benajarafe after tumour rates soar

Complimentary health technique used to treat a wide range of ailments

The drinks can also cause seizures, diabetes and heart problems

Victims appear to be getting younger, with those in their late twenties the most affected group

Five have died in one week in Malaga province as Andalucia feels the effects of swine flu

The Olive Press’ Commercial Director Dale Nottingham tries out an affordable private health scheme

Spain's venture into the world of e-cigarettes is going up in a puff of smoke.

A study based on conversations between 65 Spanish parents and their children reveals a pattern that leads to higher emotional fluency in women

More than 4,000 people are currently being treated for HIV / AIDS in Malaga

Leighton Griffiths from Specsavers Marbella explains the importance of regular eye tests

Spanish study reveals electronic cigarettes inhibit lung function just as much as regular cigarettes

A Dutch Doctor living in Marbella has released a book titled 'Living a Century or More'

British woman claims she was conned out of 10,000 euros for failed egg donation at a fertility clinic

Continuing our series on the herbs of Andalucia, Sue Rodgers looks at herbal antibiotics

Healthcare cuts in Spain three times higher than European average

EXCLUSIVE: In a humorous - but all too painfully true dispatch - Spanish-based UK Journalist Jo Chipchase on the rise and fall of Ebola, and where we go from here

Research in Valencia reveals testosterone actually impedes sperm production

A new drug has rocked the medical world after seemingly curing a man of skin cancer




A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Ibiza for alleged drug trafficking through the postal system. The suspect received a suspicious package that when tested...
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