Saturday, 21 October, 2017

La Cultura

Indulge your creative side with classes in the arts at an all new centre in Duquesa

Creative workshops are also available at the Luz de la Vida gallery

More than 20,000 people descended on the pueblo in just three days

The Reggae giants from Birmingham were a huge hit in Gibraltar

A weekend of free outdoor blues concerts in Mijas

The Olive Press sends Imogen Calderwood to experience the total cultural immersion of Pueblo Espanol… and dress up and try on some ridiculous wigs!

Locals dressed as courtesans, bandits, farmers and Napoleonic soldiers - to re-live the area’s dramatic past

The late singer's hometown is to honour Paco de Lucia with his very own tourist route

The Guggenheim hosts an exhibition of the artist's iconic career

The bizarre surrealist inscribed the painting with a fake date

The painting fetched twice its estimated value at auction

Artist Phil Collins has worked with a number of pop-stars, including Britney Spears

Casares art expert claims to have found sculpture by artist Alexander Calder

Marina Abramovic's first solo exhibition in Andalucia is at CAC Malaga

Miami's Soulfrito Festival coming to Estepona in July

The children's history book brushes over the real details of Spain's civil war

The Prince of Asturias Award honours Gehry’s 50-year career

Art meets politics in a ground-breaking exhibition

'Eight Basque Surnames' takes on the politically sensitive issue of Basque identity... and wins!

The blood was supposedly collected straight from the guillotine

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Powell traces the expat barman who was the only person to see any potential in ‘hippy’ board game Trivial Pursuit…

Malaga'a Picasso museum has contributed to an exhibition in Mexico

On the 400th anniversary of the artist's death, Imogen Calderwood follows the artistic trail of Spain’s most beloved ‘foreigner’ through the backstreets of Toledo

Kevin Borman’s 'Flamingos in the desert – Exploring Almeria' has been four years in the making

The world famous Semana Santa in Andalucia's beautiful capital city, Tom Powell attempts to describe the indescribable

The innovative new art exhibit will be held at Ronda's Palacio de Congreso on May 17 by volunteer group Ronda Limpia




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