Monday, 20 November, 2017


Listed in the Spanish Catalogue of Endangered Species as being in danger of extinction, the Cantabrian brown bear’s existence in Spain is not widely known

The wild mountain goats frequently found in herds across the mountain ranges of Andalucia are Spanish Ibex

Take your Andalucian summer beyond the crowded Costa beaches with our 26 favourite spots

Clive Muir and Sue Eatock tell us hidden dangers lurk behind the beauty of the plant that lines Spain’s dry riverbeds and motorways – the oleander

It is official. The Mediterranean Sea is now the most dangerous place on Earth to swim - that is, if you are a shark

Man’s misunderstanding of the hornet has led to the insect becoming almost extinct in certain parts of Europe

Don’t automatically reach for the chemical sprays, because there are plenty of ecological alternatives to ensure that you keep your garden safe for the family, pets and wildlife

Anyone who has a country property probably knows well the sticky footed lizards known as geckos.

Picos de Europa national park will authorise wolf hunting due to a large number of herd attacks

Researchers believe life could exist on Mars under similar circumstances

The size of Switzerland, the region of Extremadura is home to farmland unique to Spain and endangered animals such as the lynx and imperial eagle of Iberia

Tourism chiefs travelled to the UK to promote the region's bird-friendly environment

Centre in charge of the recovery program for the endangered Spanish Imperial Eagle has been linked to the thefts

… helps us work, rest and play claims prickly BOB MADDOX, who takes a peek at one of Andalucía’s most iconic plants

Andalucia's black vulture population has reached highest level in history

The largest-known patch of Odontites Foliosus has been discovered by an environmental group

Second release of ospreys following successful introduction a few years ago

Winter birds to look out for

The EU has banned fishermen from slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live

If bees became extinct today, mankind would follow suit in 2012. Albert Einstein proclaimed this insect the most important factor in our food chain.

Walking guide Guy Hunter-Watts suggests a great shady summer walk around Canos de Meca

Spain is officially on the ornithological map according to Birdlife

The Junta de Andalucia has recorded sightings of 74 red kite pairs, compared to just 40 in 2011

A flock of winter birds are winging their way to Andalucia

A new book will trace the steps of two 19th century naturalists across the Iberian Peninsula

Andalucia's Sandgrouse population has grown by almost 300 percent in the last three years




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