Monday, 22 January, 2018


King Felipe signed a decree dissolving the current parliament in a bid to break the political stalemate

Deputy mayor accused of claiming three salaries in bitter political feud

'We can give people here absolutely no assurance about what will happen should the British people choose to leave the EU'

Little shift in voters' choices as Mariano Rajoy bids to end working day at 6pm

An analysis of the six most recent polls suggests 45% of voters want to leave the EU, while 55% will vote to remain

There could be a mass exodus of expats if Britain votes for a Brexit

Uncertain times lie ahead as the UK gears up for a referendum on its EU status, possibly as early as June. Rob Horgan weighs up what Brexit would mean to European expats

Iron Lady sent RAF back-up to the Rock during Falklands War

The Prime Minister was punched in the face and his glasses broke

The former Miss Sevilla, 43, stripped off for a December edition of Interviu

Podemos leader sits in Prime Minister's seat before Celia Villalobos row during open day

Maria Nunez will probe the exact involvement of former leaders Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan

The stunning overpass has been denounced by political party Costa del Sol Si Puede over claims of embezzlement and funding irregularities

If Pedro Sanchez is named prime minister he has vowed to pull religion courses form both public and private schools

Diaz has called for tighter controls to prevent ISIS members infiltrating the ‘avalanche’ of refugees arriving in Europe from Syria

Mayor Francisco de la Torre insisted the city will not become a party destination after images of naked men and women waving their underwear emerged from the week-long festival

Rajoy confirmed that the election will take place in December

Ana Gonzalez resigned from her post in the PP over disputes with the party

It is part of the on-going investigation by the police’s anti-fraud unit UDEF, which is estimated could be the biggest corruption investigation in Spanish history

Andalucian town halls criticise the Junta for extensive debts on jobs plans

A report released by the OECD compared statistics from 2007 to 2014

After almost two months of negotiations Diaz has failed to convince any of the other political parties to support her

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is to meet Spanish King Felipe VI for the very first time in a Brussels MEP meet-up

Despite not taking a majority, Diaz has ruled out the possibility of a coalition government in Andalucia




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