Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


With just six weeks to the Andalucian elections, the Olive Press joined the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on Podemos’ March for Change to try to understand what makes the party tick

As Madrid Socialists cast out stalwart Tomas Gomez, PP ranks prepare for power play, writes Mario Alegria

Police investigate claims suspect shouted 'Britain First' before 'horrific' attack

Margallo was asked to comment on his country’s position after the newly appointed foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, failed to mention the issue in his first meeting with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson, leading many to speculate that it is no longer a priority

BREXIT UPDATE: Expats' trouble with postal votes that arrived late, unpaid for, or not at all

The Sun has urged its readers to 'make the strength of feeling known on keeping Gibraltar British

Juan Franco's visit is intended to mark the start of improving relations between La Linea and Gibraltar

The Virgin Group founder has implored people to add their names to the petition

Controversial ex-leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has been ridiculed after stating he plans to take his bumper EU pension. "Of course I would take it....

British expatriate and pensioner in Spain Clive Jacques, a veteran journalist who works for the Olive Press, analyses his new life this morning following the Brexit vote

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

'You have made our town your home and you are more than welcome to be here sharing the best of what we have'

A spokesperson for Spain's Foreign Ministry insisted that Spain does not recognise maritime spaces belonging to Great Britain unless they are listed in Article 10 of the Utrecht treaty

Joe Bossano believes the number of Second World War evacuees who returned to live on the Rock is a key factor in proving that Gibraltarians are a race

An alarming amount of regret following Brexit result

Expats united to watch the EU Referendum results live on TV together

He has pleaded for Europe to remain united

PP expected to win most votes in first general election since Brexit

Farron savages 'utter unfairness' of May denying expats vote in election

A modern and efficient taxi service, an end to the unfair abuse of government accommodation and an annual political roadshow in Spain are three of the key proposals

Brexit reaction from a concerned American

The chaos follows British Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation

He died with his mother when their inflatable boat sank

'It needs someone to have the guts to stand up and say Brexit is unacheivable'

Spain was one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage

The Gibraltar government has confirmed talks are ongoing over which family will come to the Rock




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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