Friday, 20 October, 2017


With just six weeks to the Andalucian elections, the Olive Press joined the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on Podemos’ March for Change to try to understand what makes the party tick

As Madrid Socialists cast out stalwart Tomas Gomez, PP ranks prepare for power play, writes Mario Alegria

The Gibraltar flag was raised in the European Parliament by UKIP MEPs

Mariano Rajoy scrambles for allies after general election

'Little Englanders have messed it up for everyone' says businessman Peter Whaley, 32 years based in Spain

An old foe could turn into an ally during upcoming talks.

Podemos leader says he will 'reach out' to Pedro Sanchez's Socialists

The visit is seen as fundamental in smoothing relations with Spain, a key negotiating partner in the Brexit negotiations

Juan Antonio Delgado told supporters a relationship with Gibraltar is crucial to the area’s economic and social prosperity

They point to the more than 210 'unlawful incursions' of Spanish vessels

With an already plummeting pound and a fragile UK market, many experts backing the Remain campaign are bracing for mass change

It would be the first visit by Spanish monarch to the UK in more than three decades

Exit polls show similar turnout to December 20 election

SPANISH officials delayed trucks of British aid that was bound for the hurricane hit Caribbean at the Gibraltar border. According to The Sun, five truckloads of...

Iron Lady sent RAF back-up to the Rock during Falklands War

A former adviser says it is necessary to stave off Spain's plans for joint sovereignty of the Rock

In the short video Manley said he has received many calls from concerned expats in the past 24 hours

Exports are expected to fall by between €500 million and €1 billion

Exit poll gives PP up to 124 seats with Unidos Podemos on 89 and PSOE 86

The Gibraltar Hockey Association (GHA) was informed of the u-turn late on Friday night by the Royal Federation of Spanish Hockey (RFEH)

It comes after inflammatory remarks over sovereignty of the Rock from Spain's foreign minister

Negotiations between the UK and EU members will now begin

PSOE defy exit poll to beat Unidos Podemos into second place as left takes a hit

It emerged that leader Vladimir Putin’s vessels are stopping off at least 10 times a year at the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta

Were predictions made before the vote met?




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