Monday, September 24, 2018

David Cameron to slash tax credits for poorly paid British expat workers

The British Prime Minister is reported to be offering the deal in exchange for a ban on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits in the UK

Prosecutors demand Rodrigo Rato serve four and a half years in prison

Former Bankia heads Rato and Miguel Blesa told they should repay millions in damages

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias was paid €93,000 by Iranian businessman

The anti-corruption party leader received the funds for presenting on Hispan TV - the Islamist TV channel based in Madrid

Spain’s Congress convenes as new speaker Patxi Lopez sworn in

Legislature convenes as PSOE and Ciudadanos pact decides Spain's new speaker

Catalunya elects new leader to end stalemate as Artur Mas is ousted

Carles Puigdemont bids to gain independence from Spain with 18 months

IU backs left-wing coalition as Pedro Sanchez holds PM talks in Portugal

Radical party wants 'totally different direction' as PSOE leader looks to Lisbon coalition for guidance

Margaret Thatcher feared Spanish invasion of Gibraltar during Falklands War

Iron Lady sent RAF back-up to the Rock during Falklands War

Spain’s politicians have one week to form a government or risk forcing a second general election

As Mariano Rajoy is shunned by all corners, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez holds Spain’s political fate in his hands

Estepona mayor secretly spends €50,000 on lewd gold statue

EXCLUSIVE: €50,000 splashed on lewd ‘gold’ statue while cash-strapped soup kitchen remains in need

IKEA write hilarious response to corrupt Spanish general secretary’s claim that million-euro-filled briefcase was left by delivery man

The Scandinavian retailer pulled no punches in response to ex-General secretary Francisco Granados ludicrous claim that a money-filled briefcase had been left at his in-laws home by a 'plumber or some delivery person from Ikea'

Artur Mas refuses to step back from bid to become Catalan president

Junts Pel Si premier in desperate race against time to be backed by fellow secessionists the CUP

Mariano Rajoy meets Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera for crunch talks

Podemos general secretary expected to reject pact with the PP

Madrid mayor invites 200 homeless people into palace for Christmas dinner

The Madrid mayor invited guests into the Palace of Cibeles to enjoy a lavish meal

King of Spain’s Christmas speech calls for unity after general election uncertainty

Felipe VI due to meet Spain's political leaders in January

Pablo Iglesias outlines key demands to do deal with PSOE

PABLO Iglesias has put residents' evictions and healthcare at the top of his list of most pressing social issues ahead of coalition talks. The Podemos...

Podemos candidate becomes Spain’s first black female MP

Rita Bosaho becomes one of a record 138 female MPs elected to Spanish Congress

PSOE’s Pedro Sanchez rejects political pact with Mariano Rajoy or the PP

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera prepare for meeting with Rajoy

Feliz Navidad from Spain’s new political era… and all at the Olive Press

Nativity scene for a miraculous new birth in Spanish politics

Mariano Rajoy seeks pact by offering PSOE Spanish constitutional reform

PP leader attempts to thrash out deal as he prepares for meeting with PSOE head Pedro Sanchez

ELECTION OVERVIEW: Podemos rock Spanish politics but unclear future looms

New dawn for Spain as anti-corruption parties Podemos and Ciudadanos smash the PSOE/PP duopoly

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Coalition talks weighed up by political parties

Although the PP have won the most seats, Mariano Rajoy's party will find it hard to find other parties to go into power with

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Uncertainty over future with king poised to propose leader

Confusion reigns with King now able to propose candidate for prime minister

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Podemos strike stunning blow to win 69 seats

PP win election with PSOE second, but Pablo Iglesias's party set to play kingmaker role as Ciudadanos slump to fourth

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: PSOE hit hard in Costa del Sol seat as Podemos eat into vote

Podemos come third in Casares Costa constitiuency with Ciudadanos fourth

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Second exit poll shows Podemos winning up to 74 seats

PSOE set for worst results in Andalucia since democracy returned

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Exit poll shows shock growth for Podemos

Pablo Iglesias's Podemos party rock Spanish politics with up to a quarter of the seats in parliament


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