Tuesday, 16 January, 2018


Anger at corruption could see Podemos get into power in Madrid and Barcelona

A judge ruled that claims brought about against Abdeslam Lucena are ‘justified’

But Diego Urieta is leader of Compromiso Manilva and hoping to be elected as Mayor on May 24

As politicians up and down the country are gearing up for battle at the ballot boxes in May 24’s local and regional elections, Rob Horgan examines how the X-factor could play out on voting slips along the Costa del Sol and beyond

THE expat vote could have X-Factor repercussions in town halls up and down Spain, raising foreigners themselves to the hot seats of power. With the...

In total, 430 candidates are standing for mayor in the province with an alarming 318 (74%) being men

PP party budget stretches to a huge €20.5 million

After almost two months of negotiations Diaz has failed to convince any of the other political parties to support her

The self-confessed member of the ‘don’t-vote party’, Brand talked up a ‘new type of politics’ in his latest rant on YouTube channel The Trews

THE Malaga branch of the PP has filed a denuncia against a Twitter user who labelled Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy as 'corrupt'. The message, tweeted on March 28,...

Princess Cristina has been demanded to declare a list of assets to be blocked to cover her €2.7 million bail fee

A total of 16 politicians connected to the Junta were arrested in March

Writing an opinion piece on Politico Europe, Picardo announced that a 'Brexit' would have 'disastrous consequences' for Gibraltar's economy

The trailblazer in this bizarre stunt was no less than Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera

Instead former treasurers Luis Barcenas and Alvaro Lapuerta are facing five year jail sentences

Rato was escorted from his Madrid home by officers from Spain's tax authorities on Thursday

The leader of the opposition claimed he pressed the wrong button

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is to meet Spanish King Felipe VI for the very first time in a Brussels MEP meet-up

Ex-Junta president insists he ‘would have acted’ had he known about €855 million ERE fraud

Susana Diaz's PSOE party facing scandal just three days after winning the elections

Despite not taking a majority, Diaz has ruled out the possibility of a coalition government in Andalucia

Podemos win an incredible 15 seats

The PSOE party got just 35% of the vote as new anti-corruption party Podemos gained an incredible 15 seats

THE heavy rain across much of Andalucia today has not put voters off heading out to the polls. Although the polling stations do not close...

Andalucia should wake up to an entirely new political scenario on Monday morning

Excitement is building ahead of the Junta elections


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