Thursday, December 13, 2018

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Campaigning ends as Spain prepares for landmark vote

Spain prepares for a general election that will see Ciudadanos and Podemos challenge the PSOE and PP

Ganging up

There is everything to play for in the run-up to the elections

Pablo Iglesias calls for all Spanish children to be able to study country’s regional languages

Spanish schoolchildren could be taught Basque, Catalan and Gallego

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Mariano Rajoy thanks public for support after assault

PP leader denies PSOE possible pact with or without Pedro Sanchez

‘I’m glad I did it’, says youth who punched Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy

PP leader receives backing from PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez following assault

VIDEO: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy attacked by youth

The Prime Minister was punched in the face and his glasses broke

Axed Spanish Ciudadanos councillor Carmen Lopez bares all for a magazine

The former Miss Sevilla, 43, stripped off for a December edition of Interviu

Spain’s gag law fight taken to European court

Group of journalists fight against ‘gag law’ which may decrease police accountability in Spain

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Defiant Pedro Sanchez not sorry for Mariano Rajoy attacks

PEDRO Sanchez refused to apologise for the tone and content of his attack on Mariano Rajoy during Monday night's head-to-head general election debate. During the...

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pedro Sanchez slams Mariano Rajoy over corruption

PSOE leader attacks prime minister over links to disgraced PP treasurer Luis Barcenas

Podemos Cadiz to forge links with Gibraltar

Juan Antonio Delgado told supporters a relationship with Gibraltar is crucial to the area’s economic and social prosperity

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Poll shows big losses for PP and PSOE

Poll for El Mundo shows PSOE to suffer Andalucian losses with PP dropping in Madrid and Valencia

Mariano Rajoy gives seal of approval to Paris climate change agreement

PP leader salutes global deal to limite greenhouse emissions


Podemos and Ciudadanos tied on 60 seats each according to Metroscopia poll

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Mariano Rajoy to cut tax for over-65s

PP leader promises to help those who work beyond the age of retirement

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias’s campaign poster put on Madrid taxis

Podemos leader general election campaign goes into overdrive

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias scores hit in live TV leaders’ debate

Podemos leader comes out on top ahead of Albert Rivera, Pedro Sanchez and Soraya Saenz de Santamaria

GENERAL ELECTION SPECIAL: Election fever sweeps nation

Spain’s most closely-fought general election since the return to democracy marks a new era of multi-party politics

Spanish Prime Minister was catching up on expat news during crucial TV debate

Mariano Rajoy picked up a copy of his favourite english-language newspaper while in Andalucia

Pedro Sanchez makes barbed dig at Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias

The PSOE boss made the jibe ahead of the general election on December 20

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Pablo Iglesias clashes with deputy speaker over corruption

Podemos leader sits in Prime Minister's seat before Celia Villalobos row during open day

Hilary Benn recalls Spanish Civil War in ISIS ‘fascist’ Commons speech

Labour foreign secretary defies Jeremy Corbyn to vote for military action

Spanish Constitutional Court rejects Catalunya’s independence bid

Legal blow to region's hopes of separating from Spain

Ex-Junta de Andalucia presidents in ERE probe

Maria Nunez will probe the exact involvement of former leaders Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan

Artur Mas loses president bid in blow to Catalan independence push

He received the backing of just 62 of the 135 delegates

Spain’s political leaders go head-to-head in live general election debate

Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera attend El Pais general election debate but Mariano Rajoy is a no-show


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